Renting a Paradise

Peter is free-spirited traveller who loves spending his holidays around exotic destinations. He enjoys travelling with his friends around the globe.  Here’s his first Guest Post on sharing his amazing experience of Renting a Paradise at Koh Samui!  Follow Peter on Twitter and Facebook – Anna Susanne x

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie


Considering it as a crucial part of every perfect holiday, people usually expect their accommodation to raise overall vacation comfort on a higher level. While some of them purchase fancy vacation venue, many travel lovers I know, actually decide to rent comfy, authentic and fully equipped vacation home in every interesting holiday destination they visit. Using my personal and the experience of my friends, who were looking to rent their perfect vacation villa, I came to some useful suggestions for those who dream about “renting a paradise”.

Make the dreams come true

Regardless if you want to enjoy true vacation magic independently or your dream holiday includes bunch of friends and family members, vacation rentals are delightful chance to afford unlimited coziness and the sense of real living within exotic destination environment. With plenty of accommodation alternatives available, choosing a flawless one may require some effort.  I spent a long time researching what’s the prime vacation type for family and larger groups and found out that the best choice is renting amazing villas. This extraordinary holiday venue, apart from abundant amusement activities and idyllic beach landscapes, provided us with vast spaciousness along with absolute privacy, and lately became my favourite vacation home option.

What makes it special?

The strongest impression I’ve got when came in the perfect villa premises, is real homelike atmosphere which made me feel like I live in the middle of the surrounding exotic kingdom. Except that beautiful villa venues are way cheaper than great hotel room, its style and comfortableness reflected in large bedrooms, divine kitchen and bathroom amenities make it excellent for everyone who wants extra space and impeccable stylishness while on vacation. Villa resorts similar to the one I spent time in, most likely possess private beach areas, pools, sauna and spa treatments, what brings precious luxury moments. The perfection of vacation rentals becomes even greater, if you know that privacy and relaxing opportunities you’ll get here are incomparable to any other accommodation available.

Possible limitations

Well, not all vacation rentals offer the same top service and comfort, so some research would be useful. Exploring various vacation rental offers, I realized that some venues which can be rented individually but not as a part of a touristic resort, usually provide less amenities or require extra charges for it. On the other side, villas, apartments or bungalows grouped as a recognizable touristic complex within your desired destination provide plenty of recreational and in-room facilities which are more like all-inclusive arrangements.

Vacation rental locations

While vacation villas or apartments are available wherever you imagined unforgettable holiday, from popular Europe and US country destinations to tropical island regions, many people found their paradise vacation home within exotic, beautiful beach and nature scenes abundant touristic destinations. Samujana, fabulous Thai villa resort on Koh Samui Island, where I stayed with my friends, realized my dreams about ideal vacation villa rental, since magnificent scenes of tropical ocean panorama, glorious sandy beaches along with large and comfy indoor areas were just a piece of this heavenly ambience. Besides, easy access to magical seaside area, great domestic mentality accompanied with huge cultural and natural wealth, made me decide to choose villa vacation rental for my future holiday destinations. After this fantastic experience, my friends and I plan to have vacation rental within another world’s destination, such as Mediterranean, so I’ll be glad to share my newest experiences and suggestions again.


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Wow it seemed like a lot of fun, and I’m inclined to rent my own paradise in the future – as long as it’s not too expensive!  I’m definitely looking forward to Peter’s next post on his experience in the Mediterranean, are you?

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