The Lanvin Murders – Angela M. Sanders

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Title: The Lanvin Murders (Vintage Clothing Mysteries Book 1)

Author: Angela M. Sanders

Genre: Crime & Mystery

Rating: ♥♥♥♥

Kindle Price: £0.00


Once I started I literally couldn’t put the ‘book’ down – well I was on my Kindle, but I couldn’t put the ‘book’ down figuratively!

I came across this book as I’m always inclined to tap the View Kindle Store button on my Kindle’s menu and start browsing for ‘free kindle books’ – the exact phrase I type into the search box! Out of the tens of thousands of books, I came across The Lanvin Murders, mainly because it was waaaaaaay up the list – probably the first few pages of browsing. Plus the title caught my eye! Fashion AND crime thriller all in one book? That spelt P-E-R-F-E-C-T to me!

So I clicked in to read the book description… It sounded interesting enough, the protagonist of the story, Joanna, owner of her little vintage boutique store (already captivating enough! As a fashion fanatic, owning a clothes boutique is my dream!), was tossed into the midst of a mystery murder of her regular customer, Marnie. Which soon escalated into a series of murders revolved around the secret behind a 1930s vintage Lanvin coat.

I was quite surprised that this book turned out to different to what I had expected. I was half expecting this to be one of those typical teenage chick flick novellas, but the suspense of this book was imminent throughout.

Honestly speaking, I really couldn’t guess who was behind the series of murders until it was revealed!

It was a super quick and easy ready, plus the storyline was not bad! It was simple, and quite straightforward, and the additional bonus of there being literally NO boring scenes that would allow you to drift away! I suppose that it’s really more of a teenager/ young adult read.

All in all, definitely a good book I would recommend to those who are interested in vintage fashion with a spur of the crime fiction element – especially when its free on Kindle!

If you’d like to give The Lanvin Murders a try:

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