How to Give Your Skin a Detox

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Guest Post by Roxana Oliver for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie


There are times when we are stressed out and unpleased, we eat junk food, drink alcohol, refrain from doing any kind of sports or recreational activities and stay indoors due to the immense amount of work we have to do. These are phases and they pass, but once you get stuck in such a rut, it’s really hard to pick yourself up and start anew. That is the time when we feel the need for a full detox. We’ve all been there, we know the feeling of exhaustion and toxicity inside ourselves and we just want it all to go away. It’s not that easy, but in every situation, there’s a first step, then the second one, etc.

Start from the face

Depending on your preferences, you can get a facial or do one on your own. Regardless of which method you choose, it’s very important not to omit the most important part – the massage. Having your face massaged while your pores are being cleansed is a blessing for your skin. It will feel amazing and it won’t only be temporary. It’s a great first step that will keep you motivated.

Regular cleanse


Some new habits need to be implemented. One of them definitely is cleansing your skin. Make it a routine, twice a day. You can do it in the morning, before bed or after coming home from work. It may seem redundant, but after seeing traces of dirt after cleansing your skin, you’ll see that it is more than necessary. Perhaps it’s even better to combine two types of cleansers, depending on your skin needs for different parts of the day. Determine your skin type and get yourself proper cleansers. Whether it’s oil, foam or water-based, it’s important that you use it regularly.

Stay hydrated


Many skin imperfections and general issues stem from the fact that we don’t take enough fluids. Our body needs water in order to function well. Taking enough water can speed up our metabolism and keep our skin looking young and all this in significant amounts. There are many ways to stay hydrated besides just drinking water. You should start eating food that will keep you hydrated as well as use cosmetics that do the same. For instance, there are amazing lines of natural beauty products that offer edible care products. Plus, don’t forget about tea and its numerous benefits in terms of staying hydrated. You can focus on many aspects of skin care or nutrition.


It’s smart to steam your face once in a while after cleansing. It’s simple, too. Take a pot full of water and get it to boil. Place your face over the pot and drape a towel over your head in order to direct the steam solely to your face. Do this for about ten minutes and it will do the trick. Do this about once a week and you’ll see the improvement on your skin.

Say no to coffee

Let’s talk a little bit about what not to use. Of course, it’s always smart to try and lead a generally healthy life. Given that this is impossible, we should simply try our best to live as good as we should. That means avoiding junk food, staying active, eating well and refraining from smoking and coffee. We all love coffee and it’s hard to give it up. That is why we suggest lowering your coffee intake if it’s impossible to eliminate it. Instead, you can drink green tea, it will keep you awake and it has antioxidants that keep your skin young and fresh. All this without any side effects, while coffee drains the fluids out of our body.

A full detox is something everyone needs at some points in their lives. Of course, some of these tips can be turned into habits and that is the real recipe for a good detox – permanence. There is no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to health, so don’t try to cut corners but focus on actually improving the quality of your life.


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