Top Hair Trends for Spring 2015

The Travelling Pixie’s Top Picks!

Top Hair Trends for Spring 2015

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This week we asked beauty enthusiast Anna Susanne to take us through the top hair trends for 2015. Here are her picks and suggestions on how to style your hair this year. Leitmotiv: be bold!


How often do you look in the magazines and wish you could have the models’ glamorous hair styles?  Effortless side-sweep, luscious wavy curls, rebellious fauxhawk, chic bob or a flamboyant pixie? Bold red? Frosty silver? Electric blue or hot pink? The choices are simply endless.

This spring/summer, we’ll be seeing a lot of metallic pastel colours.  From waist-sweeping long hair to short pixies, strands and strands of colourful dyes will be filling the pages of our beloved magazines.

It’s always difficult to choose when you’re given the choice. Should I go for my regular shoulder length, or the more daring pixie cut? You’ll never know what suits you best until you try it out – or better, ask your stylist! Simply close your eyes, listen to them snip away and magically flutter open your eyelids to meet a completely new you!

So here are some ideas for your 2015 hairdo; it’s time to take your hair for a spin!

1. The Frisky – Young and energetic, red and purple hair brings out your perky attitude.

2. The Mystical – The uncanny combination of blue, purple and green hair adds a shade of mystery to your personality.

3. The Mischievous – Feisty pink topped with luscious black gives you the perfect blend of being both classy and dynamic

4. The Silverwind – Long strands of Metallic Silver hair evoke a sense of desolate emptiness

5. The Chic Pixie – The chic pixie cut goes in any colour, let this chic cut speak for itself, and let bold colours be louder than any word.

Your hair defines who you are, so…What does your hair say about you?

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