Brunch @ Zuma

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Brunch @ Zuma

I know that I have a ton of long overdue food review posts, but now I’ve finally managed to spare some time to write them!  I had this meal waaaaay back in September for my cousin Stephanie’s birthday.

I’ve always heard my friends talking about how the Japanese-fusion brunch at Zuma was really good, but for a lazy person like myself, I’ve actually never managed to wake up early enough for brunch on weekends! – well this shows how much I love you dear cousin <3 x lol

As we arrived the restaurant, I first noticed its brilliant natural sunlight lighting up the whole floor through its huge windows and high ceiling – I was really impressed, considering I’ve only been to Zuma for clubbing (way back in the days I might add) :/  I’ve never noticed its interior decor before and now that I see it in the day, I’m just really impressed – also explains why the photos in this post look nicer than all my other posts, the perks of shooting with natural sunlight.. ta-da! (perfect for lazy people like me who doesn’t enjoy photo-editing at all!)

The restaurant was really spacious and we had plenty of privacy from the other tables too.  We were seated at a (huge) wooden round-table, a bit too big for my liking as it was a bit difficult to chat with the others across the table, but it was perfect for a buffet restaurant as we could have loads of plates in front of us!

Anyways, we were offered the menu with two price options: $590/person including an alcoholic beverage, or $490/person exclusive of alcoholic beverage.  For those who know me, you probably know that my alcohol tolerance is exceptionally low, and definitely I’m not having a glass early in the morning on an empty stomach, so no, I didn’t opt for the beverage option – in fact, I don’t think any of us did.  Brunch at Zuma is offered with starters from the buffet counters, and the choice of one main course from the robata or open kitchen.

Main Course Options:

Tempura Moriawase (Assorted Tempura)

Hamachi Kama no Shioyaku (Salt Grilled Yellowtail Collar)

Sake no Teriyaki Kyuri Zoe (Salmon Fillet with Ginger Teriyaki Sauce and Pickled Ginger)

Honetsuki Kohitsuji no Hatchou Miso Fuumi (Hatcho Miso Marinated Lamb Chops)

Gyuniku no Sumibi Yaki (Sirloin Steak, with Creamy Ponzu and Cress Salad)


(priced additional $180)

Gindara Saikyo-Yaki (Miso Marinated Black Cod wrapped in Hoba Leaf)

Gyuhire Sumibiyaki Karami Zuke (Spicy Beef Tenderloin with Sesame Red Chilli and Sweet Soy)

The six of us ordered the Sirloin Steak, Lamb Chops and Salmon Fillet – one main course per person, but we overlapped because the other main courses were less appealing to us, and we managed to each taste a bite of the other dishes.  I ordered the lamb chops (if I remember correctly!), and it was unexpectedly good, in fact, all of the main courses were unexpectedly good.  I say ‘unexpectedly’ because for most restaurants, having to cater to so many customers at the same time (brunch hours) usually end up with their steaks overcooked, but here, all the dishes we tasted were in fact cooked to perfection!  The lamb chop was perfect, with the meat still tender (as you can see from the photo!), and the flavour of the lamb not too strong, but very appetising for those love that ‘sheepy’ savour.  The sirloin steak on the other hand, (actually I can’t remember whether I ordered the steak or the lamb, but the taste of both dishes still rings a bell in my mind) was again, cooked to perfection, I like my steak rare, and they have done exactly that, the meat is succulent and tender, and the creamy ponzu sauce goes flawless with the steak.  Steaks can sometimes be really heavy on the stomach, but the slightly sour ponzu sauce acts as the perfect remedy for this problem.  Last but not least, the salmon fillet!  I almost never order fish dishes whenever I have the choice as I find them not only not-filling enough for my appetite but also if overcooked, would taste horrible, but this time I got a little taste of this dish from someone else.  I was really surprised that not only was the salmon still tender and juicy, but it was actually very aromatic from the fish’s natural fatty oils.  I could easily say that it was one of the best salmon fillet I have ever had.  The quality of the main courses came as an unexpected surprise for me and I still can’t decide which of these dishes I like best!


Buffet Counters

A huge variety (and I do mean huge!) of Japanese starters were on offer at the buffet counter, from sashimi to skewers, salads to hot foods, everything looked so appetising I didn’t know where to start!  Here are the few starters that I picked! – one really disheartening thing was that I woke up too early (yes, for me its pretty early!) that my appetite did not awaken with me, so I didn’t manage to enjoy every dish :(  For those who has dined with me, you probably know that I have the appetite of a black hole – so yes, its really unfortunate that I had only managed to taste a few of Zuma’s wonderful starters!

In fact, my mouth is watering now that I am looking back at these images!!! – Note to self: Have brunch at Zuma next time I’m back in Hong Kong.

Last but not least, when we thought that the meal is coming to an end, the waiter surprised us with a huge dessert platter!  An assortment of ice cream, fruits and patisserie served in a Japanese style wood basin – which unromantically reminds me of a Japanese wash basin (hmmmm?)  But anyways, the food itself is appealing enough and I’m happy to dig in anyhow.



Level 5 & 6, The Landmark 15 Queen’s Road, Central Hong Kong

+852 3657 6388

Price: £££

Ambience: 10/10

Yum Factor: 10/10

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