Goodbye my dear Kindle.

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Goodbye my dear Kindle.

On 20 March 2015 my best friend left me – my Kindle 2.  Through the window to your soul, I saw the life flicker out of you as the light in your eyes drained away.

I was petrified when I took out my Kindle 2 from my bag, only to see the screen half frozen.  All I could think of was ‘Oh my God, this is a tragedy.’  I tried all I could to try and bring it back to life, but the screen was so damaged beyond repair that eventually I gave up trying.  Nothing I did was able to bring my faithful kindle back into my arms.  It was my first ever e-reader, plus it has this cute little keyboard (which probably is far from being comparable to the current touch screen keyboards), yet that keyboard brought me a whiff of nostalgia while reading, when technology penetrated our lives less.  But now it was gone, and forever lost to me.  I could never tap onto the tiny keys to search for a book, nor press the bezel at the side to flick to the next page.

Six months ago, Amazon launched its newest e-reader, the Kindle Voyage, I have been longing for a Kindle upgrade for the back-lit screen, yet I couldn’t bring myself to purchase the Paperwhite model as it does not have the bezel to press for the next page.  I liked something with more substance!  So when the new Kindle Voyage came out, it was like the perfect solution for me.  With two buttons on the side designed for tapping for the next page, I was rather eager to get the new model.

However, my current Kindle has stayed with me for over three years, I just couldn’t do it, to abandon my current one with the cute keyboard while its still working?  I don’t think so!  Plus, the new model costs slightly over £200, it’s just too expensive if I’ve already got a working model.  So I decided to stick with this old chap.  I never thought that he would break down on me so quickly though, one of the most tragic moments of my life.  I stared at its flickering screen, dumbstruck.

Soon after when I realised that it refuses to be fixed, I decided to go for the Kindle Voyage, a gift that was promised to me by my parents during the Christmas break.  Well. now while I’m sitting here typing, I’m waiting for my Amazon delivery of the Kindle Voyage, I hope that this Kindle would be able to stay with me for another 5 years hopefully (don’t worry dear kindle, I won’t abandon you!), plus I got it a cover case, just to make sure the tragedy doesn’t repeat itself!

It’s here!  Thank you Amazon for the prompt delivery!  I’m setting it up now and its absolutely the perfect e-reader – also such an improvement from my previous Kindle 2!


Will write a blogpost on my Kindle Voyage experience soon! Yaye!  If you’re still pondering over whether you should get a kindle or stick with the ole printed books, go check out #Bunnieewoof‘s latest post Book or Kindle? 

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