20140817: Shangri La’s Rasa Ria Resort; Kota Kinabalu [Day 3]

The Travelling Pixie in Kota Kinabalu

Full Day of Relaxation in the Resort

We started off the day with a very filling resort breakfast buffet, then we explored around and walked to the beach. Blue skies and white clouds, what more can you ask for in a vacation! :) But if you look closely to the photo below, you could see the sheet of rain that the huge cloud is pouring, looks like it’s going to hit the resort soon!

Also known for its Nature Reserve, Shangri La’s Rasa Ria Resort houses four orangutans and quite a few other animals.  We walked to the Nature Reserve, and at the entrance we were surprised with cute little animal footprints, I couldn’t help but take photos of their tiny paws in comparison with my own.

In the tropical heat, my first instinct was to jump into the pool then lie on the sunbathing bed for a tan.  Lying on the sunbathing bed and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin spells out the perfect vacation one could ever hope for.  But it turns out that it actually was possible for the vacation to get even better, as I strolled back to our room, I figured, why not go for the jacuzzi?  And before I knew it, I was submerged in the perfect warm water jacuzzi!

The perfect end to this vacation ended in another 2.5 hour Spa session, leaving me revived and ready for the next 5-day business trip around Malaysia with dad.









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