20141002: Anniversary Dinner @ Angler

The Travelling Pixie in London

Angler @ South Place Hotel

2 Oct 2014 is the 2-year anniversary of my boyfriend and I.  To celebrate, we chose to go to Angler Restaurant @ South Place Hotel.

Address: 3 South Place, London, EC2M 2AF

Located on the 7/F, the view of Angler Restaurant overlooks the commercial area in which South Place Hotel is situated at.




Dorset Crab and Sweetcorn Soup – one of the signature dishes of Angler, the crab and sweetcorn soup is served with a creamed corn soup poured over the crab meat in the bowl.  The fresh and lightly salted crab meat warmed by the hot and creamy corn chowder creates the perfect appetising seafood soup.



Courgette Risotto, Truffle Honey, tempura courgette flower – I chose this main course as the other main courses didn’t catch my eye.  This risotto is served with mozzarella cheese and bell peppers, with truffle oil drizzled over the dish.  The rich perfumed fragrance of truffles was balanced with the light zing of lemon juice.  The huge portion of this rich and filling main course was sadly too much for my stomach, and didn’t leave me any space for dessert.



Roast Lamb – we ordered the roast lamb from the a-la-carte menu as a side dish to our two main courses from the set menu.  This lamb was absolutely delicious and I would definitely recommend it to those who loves mutton.  The lamb chop was perfectly cooked, with a slightly crispy outer layer while the centre was wondrously tender.



I would definitely recommend this restaurant for those who are looking for a not-too-expensive dinner for a special occasion.  The set dinner is priced at £27.50 for two courses, and £32.50 for three courses.  Sadly, as the main courses were too filling, we were unable to try the restaurant’s infamous desserts (the waitress told us that their desserts are really popular, famous and wondrously delicious!).  Such a pity that we weren’t able to taste the desserts, I am thinking to go back just for the desserts as well! :)

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