Party Themes That Will Blow Your Guests’ Minds!

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Birthdays are a great opportunity to think of some outside-the-box birthday party ideas. Your birthday is just once a year, so when the time comes, you have every right to throw a lavish party and dance the night away. If you’re slightly more daring than most other people, you might opt for a wacky themed party that will startle your guests and make it all the more fun. Whether you are planning to hire party planning services or are winging it yourself as you go, here we present you with our top five choices for party themes which are bound to make your guests ooh and aah in excitement and shock.


Body Paint Party


Body paint parties are one of the best ways to shock your guests but keep in mind that not everyone will be equally thrilled. This might be best suited for the young and daring, although these celebrations are growing in popularity even among older party goers. The good thing about body paint parties is that you don’t have to spend time or money on picking the perfect outfit. Instead, you get your “clothes” painted right onto your body. You can choose funky designs, frivolous combinations or something well-known like superhero costumes (Superman/woman is always on the table). If you make it a glow in the dark party you’ll have even more fun!


Poop Party

The jolly poop emoji is taking the world by storm, so much that a little girl recently begged her parents to throw her a poop themed party which turned out to be a massive hit. This weird idea ended up looking very original and also, perhaps unexpectedly – overwhelmingly cute. There were poop emojis on the cake, cookies shaped like poop and her mother even wore a poop-shaped costume. They made sure that more emojis were visible everywhere around the house. Poopalicious!


Donald Trump Party


This might not seem a very popular choice at the moment, but it is definitely one of the most shocking ones. Nevertheless, we see more of these parties around. Some of the Trump celebrations might be ironic, whereas others do it out of genuine appreciation for the new American president. Either way, it might be best not to invite Obama. A Donald Trump-themed party would not be complete without sandy-colored wigs, Trump signs, propaganda posters, and a cake inscribed with “make America great again”. Opportunities are numerous but, generally, the more props and signs you use, the greater the impression on your guests will be.


ABC Party

rbcLCjF - Imgur

If you’re wondering why an innocent, alphabet-themed party should be mind-blowing, then think again, because ABC here stands for Anything But Clothes. Most people who are not fashion aficionados or trendsetters, at least sometimes find matching and picking clothes to be a drag, especially for special occasions like birthdays and parties. By making your guests wear anything but clothes, you can make this game of dressing up more fun. College students will especially rise up to the challenge and create some memorable outfits.


Playboy Party

Last but not least, a playboy party is bound to make a stir among your friends. You can let your imagination run wild and dress up (or down) as freely as your taste will allow. This theme also leaves it up to you how extravagant your decorations will be. However, going over the top would be something to expect from this party that will definitely astound your guests.

This year dare to throw the best party you’ve ever had, without the usual limits or excuses. Use the ideas we presented to impress your guests and plan a memorable evening you will never forget.


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