20141015: Gratitude Journal: Its the tiny things in life that matter.

The Travelling Pixie in London.

Its the tiny things in life that matter.

It’s been a while since I wrote a Gratitude Journal post, but what happened in uni yesterday just made my day that much brighter. :)

Tuesdays are one of the worst days in the uni-week because classes are from 9:30-18:00 with 7 hours of classes and a 1.5 hour break.  Just thinking about sitting for 7 hours makes my back ache!  As the time for lunch finally arrived, we went to the canteen hoping to find a seat that we can sit in for one and a half hours.  To our awe, the canteen was completely packed with people with no available  seats.  Nonetheless, we decided to queue for food as we were absolutely starving, having gone through 4 hours of lectures and seminars in the morning.  As we passed by each counter, looking at the food that was served for the day, the huge, juicy chicken leg immediately caught my eye.  Without a doubt, I joined the queue for the chicken leg.  As it came to my turn, there were no chicken legs left in the tray, so I asked the canteen staff if there were any more chicken legs coming out.  To my utter disappointment, the staff replied “sorry, no.”  I felt like I was going to collapse… How was I going to survive another 5 hours in school without having eaten something I really really wanted?!

As I was about to turn around and leave the counter in search of something else to eat, the lady who queued in front of me turned around and said “Here, have it!” and passed me her own plate.  I was so surprised and happy that I just managed to stare at her in awe and squeak out “Thank you.”  After having being thoroughly disappointed over unable to get a helping of that juicy chicken leg, the generous act of the lady in front made my day that much more blissful! (plus got me through the next 5 hours in uni.)  Although I do not know her name, nor whether she was a student or tutor, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU again here, and to let her know that her little act of generosity actually did make my day that much brighter. :)

Anna x

One thought on “20141015: Gratitude Journal: Its the tiny things in life that matter.

  1. That’s such a lovely story. You must have looked desperate as I’m assuming you were polite – I’ve never seen you stropping out! BTW there is a lovely cafe with hot food just round the corner. Go out the uni door turn left and just past the bus stop there is a food stall and a newsagent. The food is fab, cheap and you won’t have to queue. I guess you could then eat it in the nursery galleries or the seats near the uni cafe… Obviously I’m on commission!
    nicola http://islingtonfacesblog.com


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