Petrus – The Restaurant I Can’t Forget

The Travelling Pixie in London

Petrus – The Restaurant I Can’t Forget

3 years ago, I went to Petrus, a restaurant by Gordon Ramsay, with two other friends for lunch.  Fine Dining in London costs significantly less than in Hong Kong, so while we are studying abroad, we wanted to try the restaurants by the infamous Gordon Ramsay.  Not only is fine dining cheaper in London, but the price of their lunch sets are a very good deal.  Ranging from £20 – £40 for three courses, lunch sets of the fine dining restaurants, in general, are cheaper yet, when compared to their dinner price.

Back then, Petrus still had their 2-michelin stars, but I believe that it has lost one of its michelin stars two years ago.  It was the most divine meal I’ve ever had, and so far, none of the other restaurants I’ve been to in London was able to top it.  After 3 years, I am still able to recall how aesthetic the dishes were for my tastebuds.


Complimentary Starter – Pea Puree soup with poached Quail Egg

When I placed the luke warm poached quail egg into my mouth, it was absolutely divine.  I’ve always not liked the taste of peas, but when I tried this soup, it completely changed my perception towards peas!  It tasted so fresh, light yet creamy, it was delicious.



I cannot remember the name of this starter, but it was a French and Chinese fusion dish. It uses the flour sheet for Chinese dumplings to wrap the minced seafood, it is then steamed.  The dish uses a very Chinese sauce, using soya sauce mixed with vinegar, as well.  This was not one of my favourite dishes here though, so I don’t have a very clear memory of it.



This was my favourite starter of the meal – grilled scallops with truffles

grilled scallops could never go wrong, but this dish was by far the best grilled scallops I’ve ever had.  It was perfectly grilled, slightly crispy on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside.  With the sour gravy, that tastes slightly like mayonnaise with lemon, the scallops tasted very light and un-filling, making sure that we would be still be hungry for the main course.



This was my favourite main course, and also the BEST pasta I’ve ever had in my life – Truffle Linguine.

The only word I could manage to utter when I first tasted this dish was ‘wow.’  I guess that speaks for how great it tasted.  Firstly, the linguine was cooked perfectly, secondly, the truffle sauce was not only made as a pasta sauce, but it was also made foamy, hence the pasta was unlike the other truffle pastas I’ve had – very creamy and too filling.  Instead, this truffle linguine was fresh, light and very refreshing.



Sadly, I could not find a photo of the dessert I had – I probably forgot to take the photo.  But I still remember very very clearly the dessert that I had – Chocolate Sphere.

The Chocolate Sphere is their signature dessert, a literal sphere made of chocolate was presented in front of us, then the waitress poured thick melted milk chocolate over the chocolate sphere, melting the sphere and mixing all the chocolate and honeycomb together.  It was the BEST dessert I have ever had, and I can’t wait to go again.

7 thoughts on “Petrus – The Restaurant I Can’t Forget

  1. A very delicious detail description of which made me definitely want to taste it if I went to London. Hope that it still keep its standard. I have try its recently opened Hong Kong restaurant in LKF, “Bread”, it’s totally disappointing, although not expensive, yet I am expecting something from Ramsay.


  2. I really liked Petrus too. I probably rank it the best amongst all of Ramsay’s restaurants, the best value for money. Glad to see that the menu hasn’t changed much – as they say, don’t fix what is not broken. Although on the other hand I wished they did something differently – I had the same complimentary starter 2 years ago! (which was so so so good btw – not a fan of peas too but loved it). Maybe the menu/food looked familiar because you chose the best dishes! I do remember tasting these scallops and the linguine, which you requested to try despite it being on the vegetarian’s menu and not the conventional lunch menu. All of this makes me want to revisit Petrus so so much…

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  3. Fine dining is cheaper in the UK than in HK?!! Wow. That meal does look delightful, except for the Chinese fusion dish in my opinion [I don’t like Chinese cuisine]. I love scallops too so would really love to try those. & those linguine sound delicious & it looks like a pretty big portion.

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    • Yes that Chines fusion dish was my least favourite too..! It tasted nice, but not as amazing as the other ones !
      Its quite a surprise on how you can actually get a full stomach on a fine dine lunch menu – totally impossible in Hong Kong!
      Anna x


      • Oh really? That doesn’t make any sense. What do they expect people to do then? Go for fast food before/after? I’ve met people here in Japan that do that sometimes after fine dining although the amount was definitely enough but then, there’ll always be people who consume above what would be an appropriate calory intake

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