Gratitude Journal: Homesick Remedies

The Travelling Pixie at Home

Homesick Remedies.

Growing up as an only child, I’ve always had an attachment to my little furry siblings.  While my parents are working in the weekdays (and sometimes weekends as well), I’ve found company through spending time with my little beasties.  Studying in London meant that I was away from home, and away from my family, and being homesick is the worse feeling I’ve ever experienced.

Whenever I miss my little furry siblings, my dad would snap a photo of them and send it to me on whatsapp (oh the glory of social media!), and it would ease my homesick-ness for a couple of days.  Thinking about the time I was cuddling my dogs on the sofa, or when I help my little hedgehog have her weekly bath gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.  The feeling of family love.

So at this moment of homesick-ness, I wanted to write about one of my favourite memories with them. x

Momo, my little hedgehog, is the newest member to our family.  She would curl up into a tiny spikey ball when she was young and new to our home.

This photo was taken right after she had her first bath.  The first time I bathed her, she was so timid and shy that she kept trying to climb up my forearm.  While I started brushing her bristles, she tried to swim around in the sink full of warm water, kicking and paddling her little paws, and sticking her tiny nostrils above the water.




Muimui, my first dog – a Jack Russell Terrier, has passed away half a year ago.  She was the first dog in our family, and has always played the role of the big sister.  She was such a beautiful girl, with a very strong character and was very mischievous when she was young.  I could never forget how naughty she was when she loved sneaking into my room, jump onto my bed and choose a plush toy to play with.  She loved us chasing her around the house, just trying to snatch my plush toy back.



Vodka, the little angel of the family, is my favourite baby.  I would never forget the moment when I first met him.  I was with my parents in a pet supplies store, and he was put there ‘for sale’ because his previous owner thought that he wasn’t pretty enough to be entered into competitions.  When our eyes met, I felt like I was able to see into his beautiful soul, and I couldn’t resist but bring him home with us.  This was definitely ‘love at first sight’.



Whiskey, the scape-dog of our family, is my dad’s favourite, his carefree attitude and enjoyment of his life is his best character trait.  He is able to fall asleep anytime, anywhere and in any position however awkward it looks.  I’ve never met a dog as happy as he is, in the words of his vet “he is such a happy chap!”.  Just thinking about his sleepy face brings a smile across my own face.


3 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal: Homesick Remedies

  1. Do you know about the borrow my doggy possibilities in London? I do feel for you as I remember being homesick for animals years ago, it’s just a gnawing pain. How lovely to have their photos. I really like the way Vodka (i think) is lying with his front legs up in the same sort of position (but mirrored) as you are on your about shot! Nicola

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