Summer Vacation Style: The Fashionista Packing List!

Recent graduate from the Australian Institute of Creative Design, Peter is sharing his Passion for Fashion on!  Here’s his Guest Post on the Fashionista Packing List for Summer 2015!  Follow Peter on Twitter and Facebook – Anna Susanne x

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie


Being a stylist isn’t all about glitz and glam. Well, it mostly is but with all the perks there comes a lot of stress, multitasking and planning. Not to mention that having fantastic organizing skills is a must!

I’ve recently traveled to Thailand with a few of my favorite A-listers for a summer vacay and just a bit of work. We first travelled to Sydney for a few days and then took a jet and flew to Thailand. If you are thinking that such traveling demanded clever and fashionable packing, you are spot on!

The experience taught me that the mantra of the fashion world – less is more – does apply to multiple aspects of the industry, clothing, style and fashion overall but it transcendent to yet another aspect – fashionable packing!

Assuming many of you my gorgeous fashionistas will have one or two A list vacations this season, I’ll share some of my packing secrets with you to make the whole process easier.

Here’s how I do it:


 Know your style

Know your style

You’ve lived with yourself for so and so years and by now you, better than anyone, know what looks good on you. Your summer vacation isn’t the time to experiment with styles and clothes but rather the perfect arena to show off what you’ve got! Bring your favourite beach essentials you know you’ll be wearing and leave the “might wear rack” for some other time. The fact you are gorgeous, doesn’t mean you should overpack. Keep it simple, but stylish.


Pick appropriate colors

Pick appropriate colors

While you might say individuality shouldn’t suffer under the season expectations regarding style and color, truth is – it’s not suffering, it’s adapting. Dark colors are disharmonious with the light, summer atmosphere so don’t overdo the black. Yes, an LBD is an absolute must for every fashionistas suitcase, but just one. You don’t need a black blazer, black pants, 15 black shirts in various cuts and multiple black shoes. Summer is all about light colors and colors that make you happy so embrace nudes, blues, yellows, reds and pastels to bring out your inner softness.

Also, I always like to have a few pieces in neutrals – they help break and ease up any combination.


Flats are fabulous

Flats are fabulous

You are probably accustomed to hearing about heels as the ultimate fashion statement, that one trick that will turn the ordinary into extraordinary in a few seconds. Sure, this definitely applies if you are taking your office look to dinner afterwards, organizing a dinner party in a chic hotel or attending an A-list gala event. However, when you are going on a vacation, heels are absolutely unnecessary. I’ve worked with so many stubborn celebrities who simply refuse to give their feet some rest! I get anxiety each time trying to talk to some sense into them! With these celebs most of the drama relates to them trying to compensate for being pretty short. There’s usually no fashion there.  Don’t be that person, please. Choose a pair of trendy flats such as sandals, sneakers or designer espadrilles and call it a day! Your vacation should be about being comfortable while staying chic and fabulous, and this is, believe you me, so easy to achieve with flats, too! If you are travelling to the Mediterranean coast or anywhere around Europe, be free to enjoy your knee-gladiators, strappy sandals, stylish flip-flops or ankle sandals.  Paired up with a flowy white maxi and your favourite jewelry, with your hair up and just a touch of bronzer on your cheekbones – you’ll look like a Greek goddess!


The denim affairThe denim affair


No matter where I go or how long I am planning on staying, I make sure I pack my Mavi Jeans. This brand has such practical yet fashionable cuts, it’s so incredibly easy to combine with other pieces and it never fails to fit like a glove! It’s amazing for both ladies and guys and it’s adaptable to practically any outing. Don’t forget to follow up with the recent rip-it trend and add some personal cut-out touch. Pair up a Mavi Jean with strappy sandals or neon sneakers (like I did) and a loose shirt, oversized neckpiece and a fabulous designer oversize bag- and you’ll turn heads!


Accessorize like you mean it

Accessorize like you mean it

A piece of jewelry can either make or break an outfit! What I love about summer is that you can manipulate virtually anything and it will look stunning! However, the easy-breezy vibe of this season doesn’t allow for restrained and suffocating pieces around your neck and on your wrists. Forget about chokers and cuffs and opt for looser pieces that will imitate the beauty and chill of your surroundings!

Really wished that Peter wrote this piece before my vacation to the Netherlands and London!  I definitely over packed and ended up not having worn half of my massive suitcase! – but then the weather had to play a part in this misdemeanor as London was waaaay more windy than what I had expected for July!  Anyways, now I know what and how to pack for my next vacation – which will probably be in the winter – which means Peter, you’ll have to come up with another guest post for winter vacation packing ;D!

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