Get Set Ski!

The Travelling Pixie going Snowboarding


As per our wondrous experience in Austria just the past Easter break, Snowboarding Part I and Snowboarding Part II, we have decided to embark on another snowboarding trip from 13/Dec to 20/Dec!

10 of us are going to Tignes for a 7-day epic snowboarding experience!  Luckily enough, I’ve managed to get hold of Josiah Skeats via WordPress Reader a couple of weeks ago by searching for “Snowboarding”!  He’s currently on his 5-month employment in Tignes, happily able to snowboard / ski every single day!  I’ve got some very up-to-date updates with regards to the snow-condition in Tignes plus how much Euros should I expect to spend on meals up on the slopes! Thanks loads Josiah!!

So more on getting set for my second ski experience!  As its my first time snowboarding during the winter holidays, I bet I would need a lot more clothing than before.  I’ve recently heard from my friend about great discounts on SportsDirect, so I’ve ordered quite a number of items – which they’ve literally JUST arrived my place, and I’m now waiting for my nail polish to dry before I’m gonna open them!

So I’ve got everything I need for my upcoming ski trip and I simply CAN’T WAIT!  I’ll let you all know how adequate the SportsDirect discounted ski gear is for hardcore iciness! x

A short video I saw online that I feel all potential skiers / snowboarders should see! – A Playful Guide of How to Be A Good Skier

Enjoy! x



7 thoughts on “Get Set Ski!

    • We’re staying at Les Andes in Le Lac, but the wifi is so bad its really difficult to post a blogpost! But the ski lifts on this side of Tignes are all closed :(! X
      See u on the slopes!
      Anna x


      • Awesome! I’m in Le Lac too, staying in the Aiguille Percee. Your best bet is to go up the Toviere bubble lift and then you can ski into val claret!

        I’m off for the next two days so will be heading out at like 9 tomorrow, although heading out tonight!

        Look forward to your blog post!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Two days off! Sounds so cool!
        Ive been tripping and bruising myself the last few days! Am trying to familiarize myself with toe-side to do the “S” down the slope.. But im half succeeding half failing lol! X


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