The 1 Reason why You should buy Insurance for your Snowboard

Sorry for having disappeared for the whole month!  The Christmas holidays have been keeping me busy (and so has all the assignments due right after the break!  BUT NOW I’VE HANDED THEM IN and I can finally blog again!

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The 1 Reason why You should buy Insurance for your Snowboard – Something we learnt the hard way!

As per my first snowboarding experience I & II in Austria back in April 2014, we’ve figured out the importance of getting insurance for our snowboard.

On the last day of our 6 day snowboarding trip, we encountered a blizzard – I’m sure its not that bad but it was waaaaay too scary to ski down there.  The whole panorama was painted completely white with the snow blowing in the wind, and as beginners, we decided to take off our boot strap bindings, sit on our board and slide down like a toboggan back to Basecamp and to return all our equipment.  Albeit a fun activity, it was rather unfortunate that one of our friend’s board slipped from under and slid downhill – never too be seen again – whoops :/

So we went to the equipment store to return our gear.  8 pairs of boots, 8 bindings, and 7 snowboards.  Since we haven’t bought insurance for the snowboards and the boards are inventoried, our friend was required to pay €150 for the loss of the board!  What an outrageous price!  If we had paid a €15 insurance for our board from the start, we wouldn’t have to pay €150.

So, a little tip for the future, always get insurance for your snowboard!

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