Opentable Offer: Orrery Restaurant


Complimentary Pre-appetiser – French Onion Soup

The Travelling Pixie in London

Opentable Offer: Orrery Restaurant

I went to Orrery 3 years ago for the first time when they still had the honour of 1-Michelin Star.  The food was absolutely stunning.  With the option of booking it via Toptable (now Opentable), we were able to get a very good deal of 3 courses for a little more than £20 – I’ve checked the Opentable offer online, and it is now £32 for a three-course dinner, and £27.50 for a two-course lunch.

Orrery is named after the clockwork model of the solar system, probably because of acquiring its own Michelin ‘Star’.  Located on the Marylebone High Street, this restaurant is converted from stable block, with a rooftop terrace and overlooking the Church.  As I stepped out of the elevator when it reached the first floor, I was warmly welcomed by a smiling waitress, asking us if we had reserved a table.  The restaurant wasn’t very big and the tables seemed to be quite close together, but as it was a Monday, the restaurant wasn’t very crowded and the ambience was nice and quiet.

We settled down in our seat and ordered the Toptable-table offer 3-course dinner menu.  To our surprise, apart from the 3 courses, we were given a complimentary pre-appetiser.  The French Onion Soup complimentary pre-appetiser was the best I’ve ever had – I still remember it to this day.


Crayfish Ravioli and Lobster Bisque

The appetiser I chose for the 3-course dinner was a crab and crayfish ravioli in Lobster bisque, it was absolutely bewildering.  It was served on the table with the lobster bisque on the side, the friendly waitress then poured the searing hot lobster bisque around the ravioli, submerging the crab meat and seafood.  The crayfish ravioli and the lobster bisque was in perfect harmony, it tasted so rich and savoury.  I felt like I could never have enough of this dish.  I would definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of lobster bisque and seafood.

Then came the main course – where I ordered braised beef.  Sadly I didn’t take a nice photo of the actual braised beef- but you could always order it and try for yourself ;)!  It was served with crispy chips placed as petals, as shown in the photo.  I have no idea what the crispy chips are, but they’re yummy!

I also couldn’t find the photo of the dessert, but I ordered a vanilla flavoured creme brulee.  The crispy top of the creme brulee was seared to perfection, plus it was served with ice cream – which was a huge huge plus because I SIMPLY LOVE ICE CREAM – well who doesn’t right?!

Finally, our 3-course dinner came to a close with a post-dessert of chocolates and biscuits, which marked a perfect ending to my first experience at Orrery.


1 year ago, I went to Orrery again with the Toptable offer.  Yet this time, we went for lunch plus they’ve already lost their Michelin Star.  It was a completely different atmosphere to the last time when I went for dinner.  The day was beautiful, as we stepped into the restaurant, the warm rays of the sun radiated into the restaurant.  It was a weekday, so again, the restaurant wasn’t very crowded.  The ambience was even better than dinner as the sunlight created an atmosphere of serenity.  The waitresses also gave a lot of privacy for the diners, you wouldn’t see them while you’re eating, yet when you raise your hand, they always seem to be there for you instantly.  Despite losing their Michelin Star, I still felt that their food was still delicious.

Overall, I would say Orrery is a defo must-try restaurant, especially where there’s an Opentable offer.  Without the offer, ordering a-la-carte could be quite pricey.  But with the offer, I’d say its a value-for-money deal.


Main Course – Braised Beef



Orrery Restaurant

55 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 5RB

Price: £££

Ambience: 7/10

Yum Factor: 8/10





8 thoughts on “Opentable Offer: Orrery Restaurant

  1. Oh yes I really liked Orrery as well! My favourite was the creme burlee – its the best I ever had. Whenever I have Creme burlee I use the one at Orrery as the benchmark, only to be disappointed again and again.

    On a side note Orrery is also quite memorable for me. For personal reasons. Lol

    Great recommendation. I hope others will like it as well ;)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Totally agree with “Whenever I have Creme burlee I use the one at Orrery as the benchmark, only to be disappointed again and again” this is exactly how I feel as well!

      Anna x


  2. It seems to be a very nice restaurant, as per your description and also the photos explain itself. I think I would like to try it with that price especially, it’s conside to be rather cheap with this quality of food and service. Nice really.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You got all THAT food for £20-something for dinner?!? What a steal! Glad to hear it seems to have kept its level even after obtaining & losing a Michelin star. I definitely want to try out this place when I’m next in London.

    Liked by 1 person

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