Grizzly’s Bar

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Grizzly’s Bar – My all-time favourite restaurant for lunch in Tignes!

Located in Val Claret, this cozy Grizzly’s Bar is definitely a must-go restaurant if you’re looking for a filling meal.  This bar / restaurant serves only two options – cakes, pies and other sweets, or a very filling 1kg steak to share between two.  For €79, we get bread, salad, boiled potatoes and a huge slab of steak – which is more than enough!

I can’t say how happy we are to have found such a wonderful afternoon treat.  Meals on the slopes are usually around €15 for just coke and pasta, which frankly, isn’t that yummy and not that filling.  As a treat, the 1kg steak was simply superb.  We’ve been complaining about the food on the slopes for so long that we were so excited about this treat on our final day.

We chose to sit outdoors as it was a perfectly sunny afternoon and it was our last day of snowboarding.  Roasted immediately after we put in an order, I got some time to explore inside the bar before our steak arrives.  Beyond my wildest imagination, the bar was not only huge, but it was also furnished with all forms of grizzly bears decorations.  It was like walking into Goldilocks’ Grizzly Bear house.

So I snapped a few photos and went back out to our cozy seat in anticipation of our huge steak.


Choice of Patisserie


Grizzly Themed Interior Decor






More Teddy Bears


So cozy I could sleep here

















The huge grill

Then our perfect afternoon treat arrived!  Served straight from this grill, our 1kg steak was roasted to medium rare.  The succulent meat tasted simply divine after a morning of intense snowboarding, and the best treat for our growling stomachs.

I felt so satisfied after the meal that I simply wanted to lie on the sunbeds laid out facing the snowcaps and enjoy the rest of our afternoon in Tignes.


Price: £££

Ambience: 9/10





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