10 Reasons why I miss my Long Hair.

The Travelling Pixie in London

10 reasons why I miss my Long Hair.

I was so content in my dream, looking in the mirror, simply happy that my hair has grown out to shoulder length.  Its not that I don’t like my short pixie cut – well, to be honest I still haven’t gotten completely comfortable with it, but I have had long – and I mean LONG – hair ever since I was a child, and there are still so many moments where I can’t help but miss my flowing long mane of hair.  Just these two months,  I’ve dreamed of myself having shoulder length hair for over three times.  That’s when I realised how much I miss my hair!  So I came up with these 10 reasons on why I miss my long hair.


1. Because I miss flipping my hair while dancing.

2. Because I miss my strands of beautifully dyed hair.

3. Because I miss not having to care about how my bed head looks in the morning.

4. Because I miss being able to casually tie my hair into a bun / ponytail.

5. Because I miss letting my hair flow naturally down my shoulders.

6. Because I miss being able to look feminine wearing a beanie.

7. Because I miss braiding my hair when I’m bored.

8. Because I miss my long hair keeping my ears and neck warm in the winter cold.

9. Because I miss casually pinning my hair up with sunglasses.

10. Because I do miss my long hair.


Missing from this list is actually the convenience of having longer hair, I actually chopped my hair off because I thought that it would take less time in the morning to deal with my messy bed head.  Oh how wrong was I!  My pixie cut actually takes more time to set in the morning – plus I could never leave the house without at least trying to tame my hair in some way – mostly wearing a beanie and covering everything up!  Yes, having short hair does mean that it takes less time to dry off after I shower, but hey, I’d rather spend five more minutes at night drying my hair than ten more minutes in the morning trying to keep that annoying bit from sticking out!

I guess with these 10 reasons (or actually 11), it’s only sensible that I should grow my hair out.  I’ve vowed that I shall go through the ugly process of growing my hair out – for those who have grown out their pixie’s, you know the pain!

But until then, I shall have to stick with my ‘untameable’ short hair.

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