The Rules of Millennial Dating

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Guest Post by Roxana Oliver for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie

millennial dating

Behind every successful millennial, there’s an older person nagging about how this generation is to blame for ruining everything – from economy to love. These youngsters are all lazy, weak-minded, they get offended at every turn, and are a general menace. Back in my day, there were proper values, everyone knew their place and we all respected our elders! Damn kids! Get off my lawn!

Well, it’s true, the times have changed, but not in the way we think. The dating game is different and while there are no official rules, it would seem that millennials have some unspoken agreements about what is now acceptable.

No more phone calls


The younger generations are now less likely than ever to actually pick up the phone and call someone out on a date. With all the instant messengers and apps, no one feels the need for it anymore. Millennials report that phone calls make them feel awkward and nervous, especially when it comes to trying to set up a date, so most of them will simply prefer to text.


Online dating is blossoming

Technological advancements have made it easy to get in touch with anyone, anywhere, and millennials are using that to its full potential. They are likely to make a profile on a dating site, and to go a date after several days of chatting with the potential match. The issues arise from the fact that a lot of people misrepresent themselves on their online profiles which can lead to unmet expectations and disappointment.


Sex is important…


Millennials have a healthy view on sex and are more likely to engage in casual relationships, but they are also a lot more respectful towards their partners. Sexuality is important and so is gender identity. The younger generations are more accepting of the LGBTQ population and traditional gender roles are slowly starting to change as well. While men still tend to make the initial contact, it’s now perfectly acceptable for women to do it, and it’s usually very well received.


…But so is love

Millennials have different views on love, sure, but they aren’t these crazy, hook up obsessed monsters we imagine them to be. Studies show that 57% of them report feeling lonely at least occasionally, and that most of them still want to find a good partner and get married. If you’re questioning how to make a guy want you, millennials have a good idea – just be yourself. According to reports, they are less likely to change their views for a partner, but are more likely to have an online persona that’s a little different than how they are in real life.


Pressure is higher than ever


Technology is changing all of us, but older generations still remember what it was like to live without being permanently attached to our phones. The biggest issues millennials seem to be facing is how to reconcile the liberal views on sex and relationships, with the traditional values of their parents and grandparents. The idea that they don’t want to have loving relationships is completely wrong. While casual sex isn’t considered bad, it’s clear that they believe that the emotional aspect of every relationship is important. The problem is that a lot of them are starting to live most of their lives in very segregated online spheres, where things work differently than in real life. They create illusions and have high expectations, but then end up broken-hearted when met with the reality. There is a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way, so this leads to stress and misery.

These are problems that are not limited to millennials, as a lot of us are changing and growing more secluded, hiding behind our perfect profile pictures. Technology is not a bad thing at all, but sometimes we misuse it and hide behind it, avoiding the harshness of life. This is why it’s important to achieve a healthy balance between our online presence, and contact with people in real life.

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