How to Get Your Easter Spirit On

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Guest Post by Roxana Oliver for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie

easterWith Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve being so dynamic and widely celebrated, Easter seems to have fallen by the wayside. That is a shame, since this holiday brings many beautiful things, whether you are Christian or not. It is set during the spring, which is the season which represents rebirth and a new beginning. This year, you should celebrate Easter with style and work on bringing its spirit into your home with these simple things.

Enjoy the Spring

Warmer weather and spring break make the Easter more beautiful. The flowers are blooming, nature is awakening and everything smells nice and looks alive. As soon as the spring comes, you should get out and breathe in the fresh sweet air. The best way to fully enjoy Easter and spring is by picking up fresh flowers and decorating your home with them. Also, you can plant some new flowers into your garden and help the wildlife enjoy this holiday by your side.


Easter Eggs

Everyone loves Easter eggs, no matter the age. They are colorful, creative and some are even made of chocolate. Take your time and think about new designs for this year’s Easter eggs and fill your days with creativity and color. You can also start searching for cute and original chocolate eggs and arrange them in gift baskets for all your friends and family. Just remember not to eat them all before the holiday, but if that does happen, make sure you have back up eggs.


Think about the Chocolate

Besides chocolate Easter eggs, delicious treats come in many different shapes and sizes. There are the famous chocolate bunnies that everyone just adores. You can find them in many different stores and in many different sizes. Some are cute and delicious while the others may seem hilarious. For example, there is the funny Benedict Cumberbatch Easter bunny or the Cumberbunny which will definitely amuse most of the family. Besides these, there are many other Easter chocolates, such as chocolate nests which you can share with your loved ones and enjoy the spirits of Easter.


Spring Walks

With the snow melting away, you can finally go out and enjoy the sun. Gather your friends and take a nice slow walk through the park or a local forest. Listen to the nature awakening, enjoy the fresh air, sweet smells of blooming flowers and soothing sounds of birds singing to the new beginning. Such walks are perfect for relaxing and forgetting about the daily stress, so put on your light shoes and jacket and go out for a walk.


Get Crafty

Just like any other holiday, Easter has its decorations as well. Besides the traditional egg painting, you can get creative and decorate your home. Use a lot of tissue paper to make ornaments for your chandelier and table centerpieces. Bring a bit of nature inside and decorate your walls with branches tied together and hang up a few decorated eggs onto them. Decorate the corners of your living room with lush spring flowers and add festive colors everywhere. Even if you’re not in the mood, such decoration will definitely bring the Easter spirit in your home and you will be fully ready for the upcoming holiday and its perks.

Don’t neglect this joyous holiday filled with symbols of rebirth and new beginnings. Be creative and wake up your good Easter spirit. Spring is here and you should enjoy it, and there is no better way to do so than by indulging in all the colorful and delicious things Easter has to offer.

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