Do It Like the Kardashian Sisters – Stay Fit on a Vacation

Roxana is an adventurer, a frequent traveller, and an animal loving person from Sydney, Australia. She is very passionate about the environment and she loves to write about topics that interest her. Roxana’s life goal is to travel the whole world and meet a lot of different people on the way. She currently works as a part time tourist guide in her hometown.  Here’s her Guest Post on sharing her guilty pleasure on the Kardashian sisters #embarrassingbutidontcare!  Follow Roxana on Twitter and Facebook – Anna Susanne x

Guest Post by Roxana Oliver for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie


Being a worldwide known celebrity has so many advantages, but also numerous downsides. The public is often merciless, and it sets the standards of beauty that can be pretty cruel. However, Kardashian sisters seem to have it all. Their trip to St. Barths was remembered by the oceanside workouts with a personal trainer, which showed us that their perfectly shaped bodies look flawless for a good reason. If you want to know how to stay fit on a vacation – stay with us. Here are some tips on how to achieve that.


Don’t Skip Meals

No matter whether you are busy sunbathing on the beach all day long or you are wandering around the city searching for the tourist sites – try not to skip your meals. We can all agree that it is easy to lose track of time when on a vacation, and forgetting to grab something to eat can easily lead to consuming too many calories at the next meal. A good recommendation is to eat every 3 to 4 hours in order to avoid binges or cravings. This is exactly why you should pack some of your favorite healthy snacks every time you step out of your hotel room.



Stick to Vegetables and Lean Protein

It is of great importance to avoid processed foods that are stacked with artificially added sugars and simple carbs. No matter what your travelling destination is, it is always a good idea to find fresh and healthy foods that are high in protein and fiber. Instead of relying on the hotel’s restaurant, swing by the closest grocery store where you can find your favorite foods that is rich in nutrients. Besides these, you can even get ready-to-drink protein shakes that will keep you energized during the long walks.


Fit in a Short Workout

Start your day with a short 15-30 minutes circuit training that will get your blood flowing, therefore preparing you for the rest of the day. If you want to maintain lean muscle mass, you should know that strength training is the key to success. On the other hand, if you want to do it classy – hire a personal trainer. I did that when I was in the UAE last year, and that was indeed a fabulous experience! These guys are beyond professional, and it was totally worth all the sweat. Hiring a personal trainer while in Dubai is definitely something that I would recommend to everyone.



Stay Hydrated

Travelling can dehydrate you, and the importance of water intake is even more emphasized while staying out in the sun longer than your body is used to. It is very easy to mistake dehydration for hunger, which is why it is crucial to drink a lot of H2O. If that is not your cup of tea, you can add zero-calorie liquid water enhancers to it. It is also very important to save empty calories during a night out, so try avoiding alcohol as much as you can. On the other hand, if you don’t want to restrain from it, you can try a low-calorie combination of vodka with seltzer and a splash of fruit juice.



As you can see, travelling can be extremely challenging, especially when it comes to staying fit and keeping your fitness levels up high. However, it doesn’t have to be like that at all. All you have to do is to have in mind all of the aforementioned tips, and you’ll see that it is a piece of cake. Bon voyage and stay fit!

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