Fashionista’s Christmas Gift Ideas!

Recent graduate from the Australian Institute of Creative Design, Peter is sharing his Passion for Fashion on!  Christmas will be here in a few weeks, and here comes the time when indecisive people like myself have trouble figuring out what to get for my friends and family!  Here’s Peter’s Guest Post on the ultimate guide to a Fashionista’s Christmas Gift Ideas, just in time to save me from having to stress over it myself!  Follow Peter on Twitter and Facebook – Anna Susanne x

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie

Holiday season is definitely that time of year that makes all gorgeous fashionistas’ eyes sparkle and hands grab virtually anything that’s on discount… well, anything that’s worth buying, obviously. We all know that no self-respecting fashionista would let the oomph of a discount seduce her chic and refined taste, despite all the enticing temptations displayed right at our reach.

The reason we primarily love the holiday season is because this is when we gather around with our closest friends, family and significant others, celebrating this wonderful time in the best way possible. There is so much love, laughter, closeness and – well – presents! You get to make someone really dear to you happy by buying them that one item they were eyeing, or… you get to be surprised with a gift you’ve wanted for some time now!

Buying the right present is almost never easy; you get to hit the person’s taste, not appear too extravagant, not strike as too cheap and, most importantly – buy something they’ll fall in love with! We’ve all got fashionista friends we would simply love to buy a great present for, but this mission seems more difficult than any other – after all, these girls are usually so hip and trendy that they are beyond competition! Still, we’ve got some amazing ideas that may stir you in the right direction and help you on your holiday-gift-buying-journey:



Your fashionista friend will definitely appreciate getting something as chic as her favorite piece of makeup or that rich lipstick she’s been talking about for some time now. Latest trends are in macaroon colors, or in toned down shades like maroon and deep purple, so the palette of choices is pretty wide. Opt for the color you know your dear fashionista will appreciate dearly!


Skincare product/treatments

Skincare product treatments

There’s nothing as wonderful for the skin as treating it with the right skincare produce. Ask around what the latest brands everyone is raving about are or buy the latest Kylie Jenner recommendation (since you know she is your friend’s style crush!) – your friend will go crazy! If, however, you feel it would be a long stretch getting something your darling fashionista would actually find fitting, treat her to a facial in her favorite luxury spa in town – beauty treatments like skin rejuvenation, face massages, and plenty others are perfect for this time of year.


Massage/spa day

Massage spa day

Treating your fashionista to an all-day experience in her preferred spa will definitely make you her favorite person! If you know she’s been working hard and that she needs some relaxing, book an appointment for a massage, followed by a gift card for any additional treatment at the spa. If you feel like splurging a little bit more, treat her to a lunch/dinner afterwards – this will be an amazing opportunity for you two to catch up!




If you are well acquainted with your friend’s taste in jewelry, then buying her a stylish bracelet, earrings, body chain, or a chic toe ring she’ll love is the right thing. We’d advise you not to buy anything too extravagant as there’s always a chance she may not like it. Instead, opt for toned down, trendy pieces that will grab her attention. After all, you’ve seen her taste and you’ll know what’s going to work! If you feel like jewelry is too expensive a gift, you can always opt for a stylish jewelry box instead.



Scarf poncho

Both ponchos and scarves are a huge fashion hit right now and they work for practically anyone! If you’ve noticed your friend rocking this sort of clothes, buy either of the two and you won’t go wrong. After all, they are trending, they are stylish and colorful and they are super practical! It’s a win!


We hope we’ve given you ideas that will definitely make a difference in your next for-a-fashionista-gift-shopping!

A huge thank you to Peter for saving me from having to come up with gift ideas all by myself!  Makeup gifts are a great idea for me to get for my girlfriends whereas the scarf will be a gift for my mum! :)  So what’s everyone else getting for their friends and family? x

If you would like to be a Guest Blogger for or simply write the occasional guest post, email to pitch your ideas! – Anna Susanne x

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