Lips Lips Lips! How to Make Them Plump and Luscious

Roxana is an adventurer, a frequent traveller, and an animal loving person from Sydney, Australia. She is very passionate about the environment and she loves to write about topics that interest her. Roxana’s life goal is to travel the whole world and meet a lot of different people on the way. She currently works as a part time tourist guide in her hometown.  Here’s her Guest Post on sharing her tips and hacks on how to get the perfect luscious lips!  Follow Roxana on Twitter and Facebook – Anna Susanne x

Guest Post by Roxana Oliver for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie

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Plump lips have always been a trend, admittedly – but it wasn’t until little Kylie Jenner sported her wonderful plump pout that we went completely crazy about it and started paying immense attention to both the color and the appearance of our lips.

Anyway, since lip maintenance is a huge thing now, there are a few things we will be paying attention to make them look (and feel) nurtured, properly toned and colored just right, no matter the (natural) size of your pout.

In the recent climate it seems almost weird not to reflect on lip plumper tools as one of the ways to make your lips look seductive and gorgeous. However, turning to this option is pretty drastic and somewhat ridiculous an option, especially with other ways that can help you achieve the look, proper makeup being one of them.



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Ombre lips must be one of the best ways to enhance your lips but still stay natural. If Marilyn Monroe could do it, we can also! What, you didn’t know? Yep, the blonde beauty is actually the inventor of the ombre lip; her natural lips weren’t as full as she so masterly made them look so she would have her makeup artist apply five different shades of red to give her that plump she is now known for. Amazing, right?

The ombre lip technique is pretty simple – using a lipliner (or even an eyeliner pencil) and a lipstic properly will visually enlarge your lips while at the same time making them look striking and eye-catching.






Each season brings about a new trend and a new favorite color, and this time around we are absolutely in love with the Revlon Colourburst Mate Balm 215. The color is sensual, both girly and womanly and absolutely fitting for the cold weather outside. Great news is that it can be worn with variety of outfits and occasions without standing out too much. The fact it’s mate? LOVE!

As for the fall and spring, there is a particular shade that’s been trending for some time now and that’s NYX Whipped Caviar. Combined with the appropriate lip pencil, your lips will look so breathtaking you’ll want to kiss yourself! I speak truth!




And the summer? Well, that’s probably the most exciting of seasons to play with your lip color! Our favorite summer shade is Maybelline Color Drama lip in with coral – once applied on your lips, it will play up the freshness and playfulness of summer while at the same time giving your lips that fresh womanly pop! We are totally smitten with this shade, for real!


If, however, you are one of those girls who prefers to have a full lip even when she isn’t wearing makeup, surgical lip enhancements may be just the thing for you. The medicine has now progressed so much that this type of procedure carries almost no risk. Obviously, you’d consult with your chosen doctor on everything before you actually go with it. The options you can go with are Artecoll, Autologen, Collagen, Dermalogen, Fascia injections, Fat from your own thighs or abdomen, Hylaform and Restylane. Silicone is also an option but almost no one is doing it anymore.

Whichever option you chose for yourself don’t ever let yourself look too dolly. The point of using makeup is to enhance your beauty not ruin it. Same goes for any sort of procedure you are willing to undertake. Keep it stylish, toned down and chic – that’s the vibe you want to ooze!

Sounds Lip-licious <3 !  I absolutely ADORE lipstick, and love to wear bold colours all year round!  I’m super looking forward to wear the rich reds this winter in London, pulling off that luscious mysterious vibe! ;)

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