How to Style a LBD: Tips & Hacks

Recent graduate from the Australian Institute of Creative Design, Peter is sharing his Passion for Fashion on!  Don’t we all love our Little Black Dress that we can wear to every occasion?  But let me tell you, people do notice if you keep wearing the same dress over and over again!  So here’s Peter’s Guest Post on How to Style a Little Black Dress! ;)  Follow Peter on Twitter and Facebook – Anna Susanne x

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie

One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress. – Karl Lagerfeld

Little black dress is probably the most perfect clothing piece ever invented and, frankly, Coco Chanel should get a Nobel Prize for making it ubiquitous. It is a fashion essential every woman keeps in her wardrobe for a style crisis and “I do not know what to wear” hysterias. Still, simply wearing a LBD is easy, but looking your best in it and finding your own unique way to style it is far from being a piece of cake. Everyone can put on a pearl necklace and copy the Audrey Hepburn’s impeccable style, but the trick is in making it your own.


Find Your Signature Dress

Before we move on to some tricks on styling your dress, you will have to find the one dress that will perfectly match your body shape and personality. There are countless of cuts, silhouettes, fabrics and styles for a little black dress. Silhouette and cut are what makes you look good in the dress, so pay attention. The classic tight min or midi dress is perfect for hour glass and pear shape, while an A-line skirt is great for busty girls. As for the fabrics they make a difference between an elegant and a casual outfit.

Find Your Signature Dress


Accentuate Your Best Features

A dress with defined waist is probably the sexiest thing ever, but sometimes too fitting dress can create a reverse effect by accentuating some of your flaws you do not want to be exposed. What do you do then? Do you give up on your perfect LBD? Absolutely not! The best solution is to perfectly enhance your waist with invisible shapewear by Leonisa and create an amazing silhouette.



This is the part where you should truly stand out. Depending on the occasion, your preferences and the very dress, you should choose a piece or several pieces of jewelry to make your outfit more interesting. If you are an elegant gal, wear a pearl necklace or some inconspicuous pendant necklace. A Hermes scarf would also make a refine statement. On the other hand, if you are a fashion risk taker, than opt for a big colorful piece of jewelry – it can be a stylish bracelet, neck piece or a pair of earrings.


Wear Killer Shoes

The truth is that behind every great outfit there is a fabulous pair of shoes, especially when it comes to LBD. For elegant and subtle style wear a pair of “evergreen” black heels, for “I tried hard, but not too hard” get yourself some black and white heels or classic two-tone pumps, for a dash of color, choose a bright shade which will leave a strong impact, for a smart casual look opt for a pair of ballet flats, and if you really want to get creative, wear a pair of ankle boots.


Cover Up

Wearing some great-looking covering will elevate your LBD to the level of ultimate sophistication coolness. It is also a neat way to make your favorite dress work-appropriate. So, again, depending on your preferred look, you can wear a simple or colorful cardigan, a fitted blazer (if you want a pop of color, than why not, a pastel one), or a leather jacket if you want to add some of that old fashioned rock and roll spunkiness.

Cover Up

Bonus Tips

You can use various belts (in different colors and styles) to further draw attention to your waist or scarf to draw eyes to your face. A statement purse is quickest way to completely transform the way you look. Experiment with different accessories to find something that matches just you. Some ladies look staggering in a LBD and a floppy hat, while others prefer subtle details, such as a wrist watch or a flower pin.

Fashion classics are amazing, but if we do not add our own personal touch, they are just a thing of the past.


Chic and gorgeous, who doesn’t love a little black dress?  But styling it is on a complete whole new level!  I hope that you’ve enjoyed Peter’s little two cents on how to style a Little Black Dress, and enjoy your evening girls x

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