Guest Post: Work-Life-Balance

The Travelling Pixie introducing my first Guest Blogger!

Thanks to my bestie Toby, I have managed to get my first Guest Post on this blog!  His own blog is still under construction, if you love his posts, check out his other guest posts on my blog! (Links at the end of post)

How many of you are recent graduates taking your first steps into the world of work?  Or maybe you’ve already been working for quite some time and are struggling with gaining a Work-Life-Balance?  Toby’s post shares his point of view on how to gain a true balance in life.

Hope You Enjoy! ;)

Hello everyone, this is Toby and I will be your guest blogger for the next 5 minutes or so!

It all began when I land on my dream job… or is it?

In June this year I finally started working at a multinational and multidisciplinary consultancy firm. I really couldn’t ask for more as this is one of the best firms in the business. But one thing was apparent – work got increasingly overwhelming and my personal time suffered.

But I still believed in work-life-balance. And I try my best to maintain it.

Whereas some of my colleagues will stay in the office till late (ie till 11pm or even later), I try to do as much as possible during office hours and head home for dinner. I try to think of myself as being more efficient than my colleagues (lol!). I didn’t want work to take away the time that should be spent as quality time with my family (my parents and my lovely dog) and to have my personal time.

For instance, I maintain my goal to go to the gym every other day to compensate for all the sitting in the office. I find this routine very refreshing. Gym was never a burden. One hour of loud music, sweat a bit, and enjoy some of the fruits of working out (the truth is I just want to look in shape during Summer haha). During the warmer months, sometimes I like the night swim. Other nights I like to watch some of my favourite TV shows (Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, Modern Family… etc), read magazines, or sometimes a novel (recently it’s Us by David Nicholls). And of course the occasional dinner and catching up with friends on weekdays.

And tonight, I decided to wind down and just enjoy the night breeze in the garden. Of course not forgetting my favourite shisha!!! I totally earned this – because I worked till 1am last night… but that was after having dinner at home and after working out! See, work life balance in practice!

I guess all I wanted to say is, while work is important (the career and money), we must remember to take the time to just enjoy life as it is. Now that I expect to live for another 70 years or so, I really didn’t want to be forced to become a workaholic and spend all the time staring at the computer screen late at night in the office. Besides, hasn’t anyone thought of the dilemma? The more we work overtime, our efficiency in the day suffers, and our work suffers (poor quality due to lack of concentration because of lack of sleep).

So… my debut blogpost on wordpress, sharing my two cents on my way of living life. I do envy those who do much more than me outside of work time. It always puzzles me if that is even possible (this reminds me of our friend Jason).

Thanks Anna for the inspiration to write blog posts. I actually enjoy reading her blogs too – so proud!

Naturally, as a guest blogger I am asked to setup my own account, and under this theme I decided to name my blog workLIFEbalance. Do visit when I start writing!

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Anna x