Gratitude Journal: Compliments from Strangers

The Travelling Pixie experiencing London.

Getting Compliments from a Stranger.

I am simply unable to deny the act that I am a shopaholic, and those who know me could probably guess my favourites – bags and SHOES!  I can’t say that I’m not completely familiar with the phrase, ‘You’re not a centipede, you don’t need these.‘  True enough, I probably don’t, but when you see those gorgeous shoes sitting on the rack just waiting to be taken home, I doubt any girl could resist granting those shoes their wish.  Apart from satisfying your own desire of owning a pair of £80 suede leather boots, the perks of purchasing decorative footwear is not limited to such aesthetic pleasure.  The other day while I was walking through Zara in Covent Garden (and yes, I was shopping AGAIN *guilty face*), I suddenly heard someone say, ‘Excuse me.’  Naturally when that happens, one would automatically assume that you’re in the way of her path.  Just as I was about to move past her, she continued, ‘I love your shoes!’  I was so taken by surprise that I only managed to turn my head and smile, a meek ‘Thank you‘ barely slipped out of my lips before I was able to regain my composure.  How minimal this compliment sounded, it had brightened up the rest of my day that much more.   Albeit not being the first time I’ve ever received a compliment on what I was wearing (the first time being the same pair of shoes being complimented in Harrods), that tiny comment on how they loved my shoes actually made me feel proud.  Its amazing how a stranger’s small act of generosity could influence your mood.  I suppose that its only natural to feel proud and confident when someone gives you a compliment, plus its quite a boost to your self-confidence – needless to say, believe in your own taste and choices more.

Yet this friendly spirit is rarely seen in oriental societies, people are too shy to compliment each other, to show their appreciation and most importantly, they’re unwilling to talk to strangers.  A casual compliment to strangers on something you appreciate about them, from simply loving their shoes to I love your blog!” *winkwink*, does not only bring a smile to someone’s day, it also helps you be a happier person through the awareness of tiny things that could bring bliss around you.  Honestly speaking, I would still be too nervous to go up to a random stranger, just to tell them I like their coat or loving their shoes, but I do appreciate that there are Londoners who are willing to take this step forward to bring happiness to those around them, to share their appreciation, and to simply be friendly.



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