20140826: Gratitude Journal

As per my article on The Journey to True Happiness a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to post my Gratitude Journal once per week on this blog, reflecting on the things in life that I am grateful for.  I hope that through sharing my gratitude towards life on this blog, I could spread my happiness and positive energy to you, so here’s my first Gratitude Journal.

For the past 10 days, I have been in Malaysia.

The first three days with both my parents on a totally relaxing trip and the next 6 days on a business trip with dad.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel together with my parents, as our last vacation together was over two years ago.  My mum is a workaholic, always feeling unable to leave work for vacation, and with me being in London most of the year, it was always difficult to arrange for all three of us to be able to go on a vacation together.  We’ve planned quite some time in advance for the trip, just trying to figure out the dates when we’d all be free, so when this trip finally happened, I was simply overjoyed.

Another thing that I am super grateful for is that my dad appreciated my presence at his business trip.  This is the first ever business trip with my dad, and the first time I’ve been exposed to his business first-handedly, I felt that I really had the chance to broaden my horizons, being exposed to his business in timber, and actually seeing things first-handedly has given me the opportunity to learn about something I’m completely new to.  This I am very thankful for, as my brain has not felt this fulfilled and so overwhelmed in a very long time.  This trip has really stimulated my brain in so many aspects, and have given me a lot of inspiration and triggers of thought.

The past 2 weeks have been the most fulfilling days I’ve had in a very long time, and by far the most stimulating trip I have been on.  For this, I am very grateful for my family, being able to provide me with the chance of broadening my horizons.

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