The Romance of Handmade Gifts

The Travelling Pixie in London

The Romance of Handmade Gifts

I simply love receiving handmade gifts no matter how tiny the gift is because the underlying meaning is that – you have a place in the heart of the person who made the gift for you.  Even a simple hand drawn and handwritten card is beautiful.

It is the time and effort invested into the gift and the thought that counts.  It’s not about how much the gift is worth, nor how much it costs, but the fact that someone actually took the time to make something for you.  It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I receive a handmade gift.

Every handmade gift is unique and beautiful, plus its economical!  Not only do I get the joy of receiving handmade gifts, but also actually making gifts for loved ones myself.  The whole process of creating something is so precious, and seeing the delightful faces of friends and family receiving these gifts warms my heart – they’re appreciating what you do for them too.


Here are two gifts I received from my boyfriend.  The first being last year’s Valentines gift where he handmade a little dog toy for me, and the second a notebook recording our everyday lives.  Beautiful and thoughtful gifts that literally melts my heart.

And here the handmade Passport holder I made for my boyfriend for our second anniversary – they’re a matching set, for us to travel together with, recording our footsteps together.

Handmade gifts are the circulation of love, allowing your loved ones to be able to feel your love for them, and also allowing yourself to express your love for those around you.  So next time, before you buy a gift, why not rethink and make something for your friends and family instead?


Anna x

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