The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong


With teeth whitening becoming one of the most popular and requested cosmetic procedures around the world, The Smile Bar launches on the shores of Hong Kong, fresh from Sweden, to give everyone a perfect healthy smile in just 20 minutes!

The past Saturday, I’ve been invited to a trial session with The Smile Bar.  I’ve been dying for a teeth whitening session for ages, but haven’t found one that has promising results as well as being at an affordable price!  So when I received the phone call, I was simply overjoyed!

The Smile Bar is located right next to Hopewell Center, which is unbelievably convenient for me as there’s a minivan that drops me off right at the building’s doorsteps.  When I stepped into the doors of the The Smile Bar, I was quite in awe of its design-forward decor.  It was completely different to the building it was situated in.  In fact, I loved their style!.

Here’s a sneak peak!


The first time you visit The Smile Bar, you will be welcomed by one of the spa’s “smiletenders” who will perform a pre-whitening teeth assessment using a teeth shade guide and explain the treatment process.

Here I am trying to figure out which shade are my teeth.  We have to use a special mirror made of crystal and make sure that it’s properly lighted to get the best assessment results.  While trying to assess the shade of your teeth, we use the tooth next to your two front teeth as the indicator because your two front incisors are ‘thinner’ and hence would appear whiter than your other teeth.  My assessment came back as a grade 22 (the lower the number the whiter your teeth is!)

To my amazement, The Smile Bar provides not only a very comfortable environment, but also gives you the option to use one of their luxurious noise-cancelling headphones during your treatment!  As it was not a busy afternoon, they kindly offered me the luxurious VIP lounge for me with no extra charge.  The VIP lounge has its own mirror and sink as well, perfect for those who wish to have more privacy during their treatment.

Next it’s time to make sure your teeth and mouth are clean with The Smile Bar’s exclusive mouth rinse and toothpaste, they asked me to first rinse, then brush my teeth. Soon after, the oral cleansing activator is applied onto a mouth-ga. The teeth whitening gel is applied and then the teeth are exposed to The Smile Bar’s LED plasma light, free of UV.

Then sit back and relax; after 20 minutes, or the designated time of your package, you should see immediate visible effects!  After 20 minutes, I was asked to do the teeth assessment again, and to my utmost surprise, it went from a grade 22 to a 14!  Amazing results I have to say!


With four packages available from Single Whitening (1 x 20 minutes at HK$588), Double Whitening (2 x 20 minutes at HK$988), Triple Whitening (3 x 20 minutes at HK$1,388) and Year Whitening  (12 x 20 minutes at HK$4,888), The Smile Bar creates a dazzling smile at an affordable price! – Plus they’re doing 20% off until the end of August!

They also offer a VIP package price, where you get your own private lounge plus 1 tube of teeth whitening toothpaste, 1 bottle of teeth whitening mouthwash, and one tube of Boost whitening toothpaste (retail price HK$388), so technically, you’re only paying HK$12 extra for the private lounge – which I think is a great bargain!
For more information please visit –
The Smile Bar is open from 10am – 10pm and is located at:

The Smile Bar, 1/F Hang Wai Commerical Building, 231-233 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: 2620 0615


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