Still trying to grow my hair out!

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Still trying to grow my hair out!

I’ve been waiting for my hair to grow out, so I haven’t had a haircut since January!  But I’ve finally had enough with the humidity and heat in Hong Kong as well as my uncontrollably out-grown pixie cut, so I decided to give my hair a little “trim”.  But as you know, it’s just extremely hard to grow out a pixie cut, so I ended up with a short bob cut.

Even though I REALLLLLLLY wanted to grow my hair out, I’m just really pleased with this bob!  It’s so smart, so chic and feminine!  I was quite upset sometimes when I had the unisex pixie cut because when I’m at home / just woke up / simply having a bad day and look into the mirror, I feel like a boy is staring back at me!  I guess I prefer more feminine cuts as I could wear my eyeglasses, t-shirt and shorts at home without looking like a little boy.

So here’s my new haircut and I hope you’ll love it too :D x

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