Be On Canton

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Be On Canton

A few weeks ago, I had the huge urge to get a proper digital camera, so naturally, I asked Toby for advice!  We decided to meet Friday after work at Harbour City to buy the camera plus have a great shillax night out.

We decided to go for Be On Canton as we have passed by this restaurant before and we managed a glimpse – we saw that they have shisha towers! So we googled it up and found out that they only do shisha on Friday nights – Perfect for this occasion and to test out my new Panasonic GF7!

Be On Canton actually serves a buffet, but also has a bar area where we could order a-la-carte dishes.

When we got there at 8pm, we had to wait a while at the bar as it was raining outside and half of the terrace was closed off.  While we were waiting, we decided to have a light dinner, so we ordered the Foie Gras with Beef and the Assorted Sushi Platter.

Oh My God. The Foie Gras was so good!! I have to say that it’s actually one of the BEST foie gras I’ve ever had!  Crispy on the outside and the tender, juicy, succulent on the inside.  Plus it was a very generous portion for HKD168!  The foie gras was served in thick slices – it might be too much for some, but definitely perfect for me!  Next I tried the beef, the beef was not bad too, but definitely lost some of its shine when served with the foie gras.  It was tender and juicy as well, but nothing compared to the perfectly pan-fried foie gras!

P1000007Next, the assorted sushi was served.  There were three kinds of sushi, seared salmon sushi, scallops and ham.  My personal favourites are the seared salmon and the scallops.  The ham was too salty in my opinion, and I was never a huge fan of ham unless its parma ham!

The assorted sushi platter was around HKD168 as well, which wasn’t too pricey, but I felt that the foie gras was a better value for money option!  – It’s much more filling as well too!


When we finished our light dinner, the outdoor area for shisha was ready, we moved to the table outside where we prepared for a great shisha chat.

First of all I noticed the ambience of the outdoor area, it was very relaxing, and for a tiny terrace area, it felt rather spacious.  Next we ordered some tea and waited for the shisha!

Truthfully, I couldn’t remember what flavour shisha did we order, but I have to say that it was quite a disappointment!  The shisha tasted, not terrible, but not very flavoursome.  We ended up travelling to East Tsim Sha Tsui at RA for another shisha tower.


All in all I have to say that the shisha was such a disappointment that I would never go back for another shisha session.  But then on the other hand, I would recommend the foie gras to all who are shopping in Harbour City!  Just drop by and have a light dinner before you continue on your shopping adventure!

Be On Canton

Level 3, Gateway Hotel Harbour City, 13 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Price: £££

Ambience: 9/10

Yum Factor: 9/10

Shisha Yum Factor: 5/10

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