The Grand Buffet Rotating Restaurant

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

The Grand Buffet Rotating Restaurant

For this Father’s Day, we celebrated with our grandfather at The Grand Buffet, a 360-degrees rotating restaurant in Wan Chai’s Hopewell Centre that overlooks Hong Kong Island.  Actually, it is the only rotating restaurant in Hong Kong!

The buffet is offered from 11am to 3pm, which is actually immensely long for a buffet time slot!  We booked for 11:30am, so we left home early at about 11am to get there on time.  But the journey to get there was such a hassle as we took a wrong turn and ended up driving around Hong Kong Island simply trying to find the right route to get to Hopewell Centre.  In the end it took us an extra half hour to get to our destination and we arrived at 12 noon!  My cute grandparents simply LOVES buffets, yet it was still quite a surprise when my uncle reported that prior to our arrival, they’ve already each had 3 plates of food! – I guess a buffet is a great bargain for them then!

I have to say, when we got there, I was quite surprised that both the restaurant and the view was so beautiful!  Located on the 62/F, the restaurant overlooks Hong Kong Island, and completed one rotation of the view during our three hours there.  The restaurant’s decor was pretty classy as well for a buffet restaurant, the tables are placed very spaciously in order for  each table of guests to be able to enjoy a disturbance-free dining experience.

The Grand Buffet has the longest buffet line, at 230 feet with a vast array of food offered!  The next thing that I HAVE to talk about is the food.  The food really is AMAZING for a buffet, they offer abalone siu-mai and live big headed prawns that are taken out of the tank and cooked immediately when ordered.  The sashimi on offer is really fresh, the oysters very juicy and also offers pan-fried foie gras and scallops steamed with garlic and rice-noodles with soya-sauce (Chinese style) on the buffet line.  You can get all sorts of food that you wouldn’t normally have at another buffet, plus the quality and freshness of the food really is outstanding.  I have to say that this is actually one of the best buffets I’ve ever had.

I’m simply so impressed by the vast array of choices provided, but on the downside, this lunch buffet is also rather expensive.  Upon arrival, we were presented with the option of a deluxe buffet with champagne (priced at HKD798/person – approx. £66.5) or the regular buffet with juice (priced at HKD598/person – approx. £50), and we all went for the juice option because it seemed like a better bargain.  Although pricey, I would definitely recommend The Grand Buffet for those who would like a great buffet experience.  When compared with other HKD400 hotel lunch buffets, I find this buffet much nicer in all aspects (the quality and variety of food and the ambience) hence much more worthy than going to other buffets that charges an outrageous price for bad food!  Today’s beautiful weather also added to the whole ambience of The Grand Buffet, but I’d really love to go there again sometime in the future for a treat!

The Grand Buffet

62/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Rd E, Wan Chai

Price: £££

Ambience: 9/10

Yum Factor: 9/10

4 thoughts on “The Grand Buffet Rotating Restaurant

  1. What a fascinating and tasty treat. Interestingly the Post Office Tower in London used to have a revolving restaurant . It shut years ago, but is soon to open for two weeks during summer 2015 (july/august). You can read about it here My suspicion is the food might not be as nice as in the Grand Buffet Rotating Restaurant, but if you are here then enter the ballot to go…

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