Valentines Dinner at #SixtyOne

The Travelling Pixie in London


So its the time of the year again where the price of chocolates and bouquets surge.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against Valentine’s Day!  In fact I love making little hand-made presents for those I love – family & friends.  Sadly, this year I’m just so occupied with uni work that I don’t have time to make anything for my boyfriend anymore.  But it’s okay, because we’re both busy, so we just booked for a dinner date at #SixtyOne, South Marylebone.

Named for its location, #SixtyOne Restaurant is actually located at 61 Upper Berkeley Street, just 5 minutes away from Marble Arch station.

We were so late in trying to make a reservation for Valentine’s Day and almost everywhere was fully booked.  We stumbled upon #SixtyOne Restaurant on OpenTable and after reading the restaurant reviews, decided to try it out.

Our booking was at 9:30pm and we arrived on the dot.  As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted and led to our table.  The ambience of the restaurant was beautiful and very romantic, with dimmed lights and a beautiful bouquet placed at the centre of the room.  The decorations were probably so romantic just because it was Valentine’s Day, but I was impressed!

The waiters were extremely polite and helpful and made our experience at #SixtyOne even more pleasurable.

We were given two menu options, the Valentines Day Set Dinner and the Tasting Menu.  We decided that we would just go for the Set Dinner as we weren’t feeling too hungry.  I decided to choose the Cauliflower veloute with black truffle as my starter, the beef fillet (rare!  I’d always go for rare!) with miso aubergine as my main, and the Rhubarb with white chocolate and passionfruit sorbet as the dessert.

Sorry for the colour of the images, the lighting in the restaurant was too dim to take some decent photographs, but I tried my best!

Starter: The cauliflower veloute was simply divine!  The creamy texture of the soup was filled with the rich flavour of aromatic black truffles.  I savoured every sip till the end and just hoped that there’d be more.

Main Course: As the beef fillet arrived, I was even more impressed.  The beef looked perfectly cooked, and the presentation was so appetising.  I couldn’t help myself but to dig in immediately – I felt like I’ve lost my table manners!  As I put the beef into my mouth, the tender beef seemed to melt in my mouth.  With a slight touch of miso, this dish was glazed with a flav of Japan.

Dessert: The rhubarb cake with white chocolate and passionfruit sorbet was the perfect ending to the night.  The passionfruit sorbet, with its slight sourness complemented the sweetness of the white chocolate, evening out the heavy flavour of the main course.

Our bill came to £120, the Valentine’s Day set dinner was £49.00 each and we ordered some wine and still water.  I would rate this as overpriced for this restaurant, however, it is Valentine’s Day, and overpricing is a definite.

Overall, I’d say this was a wonderful experience for Valentine’s Day, however, the starter and the main dish was slightly too salty.  Yet I would definitely recommend this restaurant to those who are looking for a romantic night out.



#SixtyOne Restaurant

61 Berkeley Street, London W1H 7PP

Price: £££

Ambience: 9/10

Yum Factor: 7/10

Book here:

020 7958 3222

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