Weekend Poll: What’s Your Favourite Shisha Flavour?

The Travelling Pixie wants YOUR Feedback!IMG_5792.JPG The Shisha Lifestyle I’ve been thinking to do weekly Weekend Polls to get more ideas for future blogposts! So here’s the first post for the Weekend Polls category :) Following my previous post on Singapore’s ban on Shisha, Shillax: Shisha, Chill & Relax, I’ve been thinking about how shisha has become an integral part of my life. A few weeks ago, my groupmates and I decided to go to a shisha place in Edgware Road to discuss our presentation – which was certainly productive I must say!  It was the first time I went to that particular shisha place (and sadly I’ve already forgotten the name) and it was really surprising how many flavour choices there were! So here’s a poll on ‘What’s your favourite Shisha flavour?’ You may choose more than one answer!  If you like none of the mentioned ones, please let me know what you prefer – I would LOVE to try it out! If you’re stuck, here’s a photo of the shisha flavours provided on the menu last time (look at how many flavours they got! *o*!)

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