20141013: Just Another Day Off

The Travelling Pixie in London

Just Another Day Off @ Joe & the Juice

With 4 flats next to my flat under renovation, it has become increasingly impossible to stay at home during weekdays, which is extremely disruptive to my day offs from uni.  This reason set aside, Joe & the Juice on New Oxford Street has become one of my favourite places to go when I don’t want to stay at home.  With their wide selection of healthy juices, freshly made sandwiches and comfy sofa seats, I could easily spend three to four hours curled up on the couch and reading.

My favourite juice is the Iron Man – made with kiwi, strawberry and apples, and my favourite sandwich is the avocado panini.  Just thinking about the combination of the two makes me hungry, whoops :P!

Joe & the Juice is relatively pricey when compared with other cafes that also serve juice, coffee and sandwiches.  A large size juice plus a sandwich totals to £8.90 (whoa!), but being able to find a spacious cafe that I can sit for as long as I want to, makes up for the high price. :)


2 thoughts on “20141013: Just Another Day Off

  1. Wished they had this place when I was still in London lol
    The price is actually not too bad – it would cost around the same at Starbucks (Coffee + Panini — frequent customer).

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