7 Stylish Ways to Involve the Colour of 2017 Into Your Outfits

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Guest Post by Claire Hastings for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie

bestPantone has done it once again by proclaiming Greenery as the Color of 2017. Today, we give to you 7 stylish ways on how to introduce challenging Greenery into your wardrobe and make your outfit more vivid and lively.

Greenery from Top to Bottom


The best way to commemorate Pantone’s choice for 2017 is to cover yourself in Greenery from top to bottom. Going monochromatic is the best way to show your appreciation for the upcoming color of the year and this look guarantees a complete and utter refreshment in the sphere of fashion design. From shoes, pants, shirts and dresses in this shade to coats, tights, makeup and even hair accessories, allowing yourself to drown in Greenery, or at least some other appropriate shades of green will give you a new outlook on things, as it’s noted that Greenery symbolizes revitalization and new beginnings.


Layering with Greenery


Given the fact that Greenery was pronounced a versatile and trans-seasonal shade, it’s safe to assume that this color simply adores the art of layering. Surely, if you’re looking for ways to mix it up a bit, you can always decide to create a somewhat gradual color transition in your outfit until you reach the desired shade. The best way to achieve this is to decide on the ombre design, where you’ll allow the gradual blending of one green hue to another. This is a great way to make your outfit a bit more interesting and still put the focus on Greenery.

The Tropical Side of Greenery


Of course, if you’re someone who’s simply smitten about the use of color in fashion and live for those multi-colored and intensely hued outfits, you can always opt for a tropical approach. With Greenery being a mere foundation of your outfit, you can easily implement different hues and tones of bright colors on your preferred garment in order to achieve a more vibrant look. Floral motifs, foliage and even some other tropical patterns and prints will match perfectly with the green background.


A Colorful Greenery Salad

There are a lot of ways to involve Greenery in your outfit, even without putting attention solely on this one color. Don’t be afraid to implement just a pinch of Greenery in your already red outfit or to try and combine it in a moderate manner with navy blue, white, yellow or even bright pink. Even in small amounts, this color will manage to express itself.

50 Shades of Greenery


If you’re one of those people that claim that green simply isn’t their color and wish to avoid wearing it at all costs, there’s an easy solution for you to bring Greenery into your life without actually wearing it as clothes. Makeup artists are becoming infatuated with Greenery-inspired makeup trends, from bold lipsticks in this shade to glittering green eye-shadow and wonderful Greenery nail polishes. A black eyeliner and a touch of mascara in the combination with this makeup choice is everything you actually need.


A Touch of Greenery


Another great way to bring this color in your outfit is to focus on small touches of this shade in your outfit in a form of accessories. Ray Bans have already issued a classic pair of shades in this color, while you can always decide to opt for a handbag, shoes or a scarf painted in Greenery. This is a great way to make your outfit stand out.


Semi-Precious Greenery


The great thing about Greenery is that it perfectly completes the outfit both in bigger and smaller quantities. That being said, implementing this shade in jewelry and semi-precious gemstones is a wonderful way to put the glamour in Greenery. A statement necklace, an oversized ring or some beautiful bridal jewelry sets will surely create an exquisite addition to your outfit.

This color choice has given fashion designers and stylists a huge challenge, but also a great opportunity to welcome more creativity when it comes to combining certain fashion garments. Hopefully, these few ideas will give you additional inspiration on how to introduce a more natural vibe into your outfits.

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