The Day My Soul Was Taken (#1 The Diary of a Cat Slave)

#1 The Diary of a Cat Slave – 20.MAY.2016

I still remember the day my soul was taken away by my master.

It was just another night, I was doing some serious late-night-procrastination in my room when I received a text from my dear friend Minna,

“I think Winky is in labour.”

My heart raced, a million thoughts in my head.  How many kittens are there going to be?  What are they going to look like?  Does that mean I can finally become a cat mom?  It was just so exciting!

After about 3 hours of constant whatsapp-ing and the sending of photos and videos that will probably be rated as explicit content, Winky gave birth to four healthy little kitties.  All of them black and white!

img_2655The next day, I woke up and rushed over to Minna’s flat in Soho to visit the newborns (I’m sorry I skipped class, but this counts as an emergency.  Seriously.  It does.)  When I laid eyes on Winky and her furry litter, I literally felt a gush of warmth racing to my heart (I don’t even know if this is how you describe it, but yes, my heart melted).  Those little furballs were literally the size of my palm! *squeak of joy!*  I gingerly picked one up (which I believe (or lets say I refuse to think otherwise) is little Buttons that I ended up choosing), and she continued to snooze peacefully on my palm.  She’s just simply adorable, just a little bobble of fur the size of a little mouse.  I couldn’t take my eyes of her, stroking her little body and giving her little nose-snuggles.  Well, I know that we’re not supposed to do that, but mummy cat Winky doesn’t seem to mind, and I couldn’t control myself under kitty-hypnosis!


I probably ended up staying with Winky and her kittens for hours and hours, unwilling to let the kittens leave my sight!  I knew that I would become little Buttons’ cat slave right that moment and I have to say…


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