Student Fashionista 101: Tips & Hacks For Earning Big Buck

Recent graduate from the Australian Institute of Creative Design, Peter is sharing his Passion for Fashion on!  Here’s his Guest Post for the Tips & Hacks for Student Fashionistas to Earning Big Buck!  Follow Peter on Twitter and Facebook – Anna Susanne x

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff for Anna Susanne * The Travelling Pixie


Yes, because that’s really what this whole multibillion-dollar industry is all about, isn’t it? Inner beauty.

If you’ve immediately recognized the introductory quote, that only means one thing – you are just as fabulous as the person saying it, i.e. Nigel (Devil Wears Prada) and I couldn’t be more proud of you! A true fashionista and a fashion lover knows his/her material well (films, plays, shows, designers, brands, collections, etc.) and plays along accordingly. After all, fashion industry is mostly just that – following your queue and being able to recognize the good stuff.

Fashion is a fruitful arena for all of us who dare challenge it in a sense of bringing something new, exciting, thrilling and fresh to the table. God knows there is so much you can do to fascinate The People of Fashion, but the trick to staying hip in the industry is to never stop working on yourself. Whether you are a model, a photographer, a makeup or hair artist, to turn fashion from your hobby to career you need to be diligent, smart, persistent and wisely calculate and weigh out all of your pros and cons.

The competition in the industry is terrifying but getting ahead isn’t impossible. With the right set of skills and the right attitude, so much is possible. After close observation of the fashion arena, I’ve learned that there are a few side-fashion-career paths to follow that may as well help you earn a good buck.



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Do you want to be a stylist?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are well aware that stylists are a huge trend these days, especially in the lives of celebrities. Stylists are hired not only for private purposes of the seen but for fashion shows, designers’ assistance and even consulting on collections. And the money? Amazing!!!

Truth is, you need to start early. Try getting an internship with any of the appreciated names in the industry during your studies. This will not only give you priceless experience but as well help you make connections and meet people you normally wouldn’t have the chance to. However, people in the industry are rootless – just a few mistakes and you are on the black list for good.


make up artist

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Hair and makeup are IT

Hair and makeup are those sets of skills that absolutely never become obsolete, well at least in the FI. It’s true, makeup artists are many as are hair stylists but there are a few good, chosen ones. Again, it all works on the principle of constant improvement. Take Mario Dedivanovic as example – this talented makeup artist came up with a contouring technique and found just the right person to promote it on – instant success! Plus, there is internship again. Make your way to and through the names you’ve always admired. And, no matter how talented you are, ALWAYS leave space for new things to take in.




Fashion bloggers: a road from a frown to crown

fashion bloggers

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Although seen as outsiders of the fashion world and mostly frowned upon, fashion bloggers have scratched their way into the fashion arena and they apparently plan on staying. Out of all other side-businesses, this profession is the best paid one in the industry with fashion bloggers earning money each time someone clicks on their page. Apart from the fantastic deals they get working with the biggest brands out there, they get to enjoy the work you do. However, being a blogger means a lot of research, dedication, and always being one step ahead of the competition. Tough!


Model turned agent saga

taryn williams

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It is not uncommon to find models with brains, women who in time (but on time!) realize they are more than walking hangers, that they’ve got a business drive they can easily cash in in the Fashion industry. Yet, rare but of quality are those models who manage to successfully turn their modeling talent and their entrepreneurial spirit into a flourishing business and run it with wonderful, continuous, multiple accomplishments.

Approached by an agency when she was only 15, the gorgeous Taryn William, ex model and now proud owner of Wink Models, is one f those successes every model looks up to. Working as a model, she’s admittedly seen plenty and experienced a lot with the natural step after it being, in fact, her current business. As she said in her interview for The View Magazine, ‘I was really lucky that I have been surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs since my late teens. I was fostered by people who had their own businesses, including incredibly successful advertising agencies, finance firms, production companies and retail brands. It was almost as if in my world it was ‘normal’ to be an entrepreneur, and the long hours, challenging the norm, risk taking, was all encouraged & accepted. As I started to see the aspects in my industry that could be done better, the next natural step was to do it better myself, and I was blessed to have such strong mentors in my corner. /…/ I was lucky that through my contacts and experience, we did have clients from day 1.’

Taryn is a perfect example of a strong woman in Fashion industry who understood the system and found a way to make it work to her benefit. You can easily be next!

If you would like to be a Guest Blogger for or simply write the occasional guest post, email to pitch your ideas! – Anna Susanne x

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