Felix @ The Peninsula Hong Kong

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Felix @ The Peninsula Hong Kong

It’s been ages since I last had dinner with Phoebe and Toby, so last week after work, we decided to go for an early dining experience at Felix at The Peninsula Hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui.  The Early Dining Menu is such a great bargain!  For the regular dinner menus, you could choose either the HK$1,588 (approx. £132) Chef Kaji’s Tasting Menu (6 courses) or the HK$1,038 (approx. £87) The Felix Experience menu (4 courses) – still quite pricey if you ask me!  However, for the Early Dining Menu, it is HK$418 (approx. £35) for 3 courses – the only catch is that it’s only available from 6pm to 8pm (last order at 7pm).



IMG_0865When we arrived, the sky was still bright.  The beautiful soft rays of the sun lit up the whole restaurant, beautiful and elegant.  We were first presented with the bread basket, I was too hungry as I only had a light lunch, so I gobbled up a piece of bread immediately!  I seldom spread butter on my bread, I like it best with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, as vinegar was not served, I had my bread with just olive oil.  The Felix’s olive oil was so good, the flavour of the olives were very rich.  Plus they served their unique olive paste to go with the bread, I gave it a try, but soon decided that the flavour was too savoury to go with bread before the actual dinner.




Soon after, when we were all seated, the appetisers were being served.  For the first appetiser, we all chose the Pan-seared Canadian Scallop with Lime-argan Oil Dressing, Pumpkin Puree, Pomelo, Lobster Powder and Confit of Fennel (gosh it’s such a long name!)  As both Toby and I were feeling ravenous, we added the Tomato Soup with Poached Crab Leg (yes I shortened the name of the dish here) as a second appetiser for HK$100 extra (approx. £8)

The scallops were cooked perfectly tender and flavoursome, particularly good with the pumpkin puree!  I’m a huge fan of pumpkin soup and such, so the pumpkin puree was a huge plus!  Personally I didn’t like the fennel though because it was too ‘fibre-y’, if you know what I mean.

I’ve heard that the soup at Felix is a must try, so we ordered it and I was not disappointed!  The tomato soup was very rich and creamy, the only downside was that it wasn’t served hot enough, it was luke-warm at most, which was slightly disappointing!  However, with the soy bean-cream cheese, this soup was truly a masterpiece!  The cream cheese doesn’t melt into the soup, rather, I was able to eat it as proper cream cheese on a spoon.  The cheese did not cover up the freshness of the tomato soup, instead, they complemented each other perfectly!  I’ve never had such a delicious tomato soup in ages!


After we’ve finished with the appetisers, the main courses were served.  Coincidentally, the three of us each ordered a different main course.  I went for the Roasted Cod with Ginger-curry Sauce, Toby the “Prince Orloff” Slow-cooked Platinum Pork Loin, and Phoebe the 7-oz American Striploin (supplementary charge of HK$120 – approx. £10).  Of course, we shared our mains to get the full flavour palette of Felix!

My favourite dish was the Roasted Cod, the cod was tender and soft (I don’t even know if this is the proper word to describe fish), but it’s definitely yummy!  The sauce went perfectly with the cod, and the sauce went exceptionally well with the shrimp cakes on the side! – this main dish really stuffed me up, I was feeling so satiated by the time I finished it.

Despite Toby commenting that the Pork Loin being ‘not that good’, I personally liked it – probably because the piece he cut out for me was very tender!  Finally, the American Striploin, Phoebe said that it’s overcooked, and I agree with her, that’s definitely not ‘medium’!  But the beef tasted very savoury, flavour-wise it’s good, but the texture was too well-done.

After all the main courses, quite some time passed before we were presented with the dessert, Mango & Passionfruit Mousse with Mango Sherbet, Sansho Pepper Flavoured Poached Greek Cherries.

I’ve been longing to try the dessert as I’m a huge fan of passionfruit, I simply love the tingling sensation of sourness on my palette.  I must say that the dessert was such a huge WOW-er!  It’s definitely the best course of the night.  When I saw two mousse cakes being served on the plate, my initial reaction was “omg that’s too much!”, but once I had a bite, I just couldn’t stop.  The sweetness of the mango and the sourness of the passionfruit striked the perfect balance!  This dessert wasn’t too heavy at all, well, I managed to finish the whole two mousse cakes plus the sherbet! :D  This is definitely the perfect closure to my very fulfilling dinner!

After dinner, we were served some petits, chocolates and tiny desserts to go with our tea and coffee.  The chocolate was pistachio flavoured, another one of my favourite flavours! Yum Yum!  I haven’t tried the other petits because I was waaaay too full!

All in all, I would definitely recommend you to try out Felix’s Early Dining Menu!  For this price, this is truly a value for money deal!  The Early Dining Menu is available daily from 6pm-8pm (last order at 7pm)


Felix @ The Peninsula Hong Kong

28/F The Peninsula Hong Kong, 19-21 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Price: ££

Ambience: 9/10

Yum Factor: 8/10

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