Summer Must Haves 2015: Dior Nail Polish!

The Travelling Pixie on Beauty

Summer Must Haves 2015: Dior Nail Polish!


001 Blossoming Top Coat

005 Snow White

660 Glory




With Summer just round the corner, I would like to share a few of my favourite Summer Must Have items for  2015!  First on the list I’m presenting to you Dior’s nail polish!

I was actually randomly strolling around in Harvey Nichols in early April when I suddenly came across Dior’s beauty counter.  I’ve never used their nail polish before, but as most of you already know, I’m a nail polish fanatic – I absolutely ADORE nail polish and I’d never leave home without painting my nails in various shades of bright colours.

What caught my eye with Dior’s nail polish was its beautiful shade of white, named Snow White, and its Blossoming Top Coat, which looks absolutely AMAZING together!  So I got a set for my great great friend as her birthday gift.  A few days later I found myself still constantly thinking about the beautiful set of nail polish and so I decided that I have to get one for myself.  But sadly it was a limited edition and I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE!  But I tried and tried, and after going into 6 of Dior’s beauty counters in two days all across Hong Kong, I’VE FINALLY FOUND IT!  I quickly bought it and just HAD to use it that night!  After all my efforts I’ve finally found it!


Anyways, I was quite impressed with Dior’s nail polish, I’m a mega lazy person, and I love how their brushes are so flat n wide, just three strokes and I’m done!  As a huge plus, I love how their varnish automatically smoothens itself even when I fail to paint it on perfectly – which always happens when I try to paint with my left hand!

The colours I have picked on my little shopping excavation are actually the perfect colours for Spring and Summer!  White always goes with everything, plus always looks classy and elegant, while the vibrant coral Glory is perfect for a feisty Summer night out!



Price: HKD280

Quality: ♥♥♥♥

Long-Lasting: about a week – fair enough!



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