The Seven Deadly Introspections

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The Seven Deadly Introspections

Three months ago when the term started, we were presented with the subject matters, ‘Surveillance, Voyeurism and Making the Private Public’ as a starting point for our photography unit.  Through weeks of going through the whole thought process, I finally came up with The Seven Deadly Introspections, a collection of posters that reflects my own introspection and interpretation of the seven deadly sins.


The Seven Deadly Introspections




The Seven Deadly Introspections is a collection of seven posters, revealing the seven deadly sins that I make in my everyday life. I am not only exposing the dark thoughts of my everyday life to the public, but to raise the issue that we all judge the people around us, but we never judge ourselves.  We have been living in our sins since the day we were born, yet we almost always overlook the fact that we are living in these sins.

We, as humans, subconsciously try to not see ourselves / our actions under the filter of the seven deadly sins for various reasons such as not wanting to judge ourselves, and because we would feel ashamed of our actions and thoughts if we start to view ourselves in this light. We refuse to think of ourselves as a bad person, we do not want to admit that we have our ugly side, and most importantly, we do not want to admit to ourselves that our thoughts and actions are flawed, that we are not ‘perfect’.  Yet, if we see other people doing the same ‘sins’ as we naturally do in our everyday life, we judge them. We judge them for being human, for sinning.

Through these posters, I hope to bring out this message through the lighthearted and shallow language of advertising, sinning is not bad afterall, we’re only human.  Feel free to judge me after seeing these posters, but after you do, think about it, was there any point in life where you had these emotions too?  Where you’ve ‘sinned’?  I simply wish for you to acknowledge that not only do we sin in our everyday life, but we are also subconsciously denying it. I do not wish for you to make a change to your life, but just to allow you to see who you truly are.

Well, enough said on my part.

It’s time for you to think about it yourselves. x


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