‘Wasted’ – Dance & Fashion Concept Video

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‘Wasted’ – Dance & Fashion Concept Video: UAL V-Show Dance Trailer

It’s the time of the year again where the Hong Kong Society of various UK universities stage their Variety Show (V-Show).  This year, apart from the usual drama trailer that is produced, the UAL (University of the Arts London) V-Show dance crew also created their very first dance trailer directed by ShingHei David.


Wasted‘, a Fashion and Dance concept video fabricated by ShingHei David, conceptualises 7 dancers all heading to trash a party.  Not a storyline-oriented video, Wasted simply wishes to portray how we’re all ‘wasted’, being upset, trashing parties, and how we plainly walk away when we’re done with venting our frustration – everyday sins we do in life.

In a short interview with ShingHei David, he revealed his aspirations towards life.

‘Think Big. Act Bold.’

‘This is one of my favourite quotes.  You need to act beyond yourself, imagine you can do it, and create something bigger each time.’  
David’s aspirations are clearly reflected in the fashion styling of this production, there are no boundaries, no coherence and is simply ‘beyond ourselves’.  With the support of Cindy Zhang, an emerging leather accessories designer, who sponsored the neckpieces for this video, the outfits in this video incorporates elements of elegance, street, and boldness, creating a unique contrast.

At a young age, David already has his own collection of songs he remixed, he has always imagined choreography of dances, and the stories behind the dances, creating performances.  ‘I love dancing, but I’m even more interested in choreographing, directing and creating a whole production.  I hope to be constantly improving, to motivate and inspire the people around me.’

Having taken up the position of the Dance Director for the UALHKS (UAL Hong Kong Society) V-Show for the fifth year, he uncovers the secret behind his motivation.  ‘Honestly speaking, I am a very self-conscious person, I am not very confident.  But this year, I feel that it is time to do it because I have all of you with me – Dancers who have established a bond with me throughout these years.  I need everyone of you there, without you, I wouldn’t be able to do this.  It’s inspiring to see my students improve, I’ve always believed that too much pride will tie you down.  In order to improve, you must be humble.’  

Soon to move on to his new chapter in life, David will be leaving London in September after 10 years of living here.  As the perfect closure, Wasted was the ideal opportunity for David to create something unique and incomparable before he leaves behind a legacy in the UALHKS.


IMG_6582Directed by ShingHei David

Styling: Cindy Zhang & ShingHei David

Leather Accessories Sponsored by Cindy Zhang (www.cindyzhang.co.uk)

Videographer / Set Design by Keelinks Studio

Dancers: ShingHei David, Valerie Chiu, Serena Lo, Anna Susanne, Cheng Boyee, Amanda Chiu, Eloise Lambert




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