The Story of a Dancer.

The Travelling Pixie in London

The Story of a Dancer 

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

The Story of a Dancer was a fashion photoshoot created by a Creative Direction student at the London College of Fashion in February 2013.  As a close friend of this student, she asked me to model for her project, and it was my first experience of dancing while modelling – such an enjoyable afternoon!

What I wanted to write about, is actually the perks of being a Creative Direction student – I’m not a Creative Direction student myself, but through this photoshoot, I gained an insight to their project life.

Whoever thinks that studying at University of the Arts London is an easy job needs to see this reality – its not easy!  We have project or essay deadlines every few weeks and if we really want to succeed in this field, the only way to go is by working our ass off – literally!

To lower the cost of our production, we have to take up the position of the photographer, stylist and doing the makeup for the model by ourselves.  Not only that, but we have to convert our studio flats into studio spaces by pushing all the furniture to one side of the room – like I said, we literally work our ass off.

But the product of our hard work is always rewarding – plus we get to include our work in our portfolio, so it’s not all bad!  Here’s a few of the photos from the photoshoot – not the final product of my friend’s project, but some photos that I edited myself – on Instagram, where everyone can be an amazing photographer.







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