Burger and Lobster

The Travelling Pixie in London

Burger and Lobster

It has been the [I’ve lost count]th time that I’ve been to Burger & Lobster and yet I still couldn’t stop thinking about it – it is and always will be one of my favourite places to go!

There’s one catch to this fabulous place for a £20 lobster though – the queue!  If you’re planning to go on a Friday or Saturday night for dinner, the 2-hour queue is definitely going to put you off – however, if you make a reservation for 6 or more, you do get the option of booking in advance.  Okay, back to the no-advanced booking rule, its not enough to wait for 2 hours, but they would only offer you a table if everyone from your party is there.  So as we waited, we got a drink at the very crowded bar.

Finally when everyone’s there, we got a seat and started to order away!  Burgers, lobsters and lobster rolls are priced exactly the same, at an exceptional value of £20!  As always, I went for the lobster, available either grilled or steamed – definitely steamed for me – and it comes with a garlic and butter sauce – Mmm!

Apart from the lobster, the £20 includes a bowl of salad and fries – which really fills me up, like right up!  The succulent steamed lobster with the savoury garlic and butter sauce is simply THE PERFECT MATCH.  As a huge fan of seafood, Burger and Lobster never fails to impress me.

I have a feeling that almost all Londoners would have been to Burger and Lobster before, but I would really recommend this place for tourists – I keep telling my parents that they must try this when they’re in London!

One last small tip for those who would like to try this place out but would also like to avoid the queue: the best time to go would be for an early lunch at 11, an early dinner at 5 or a late dinner after 9!  Enjoy!


IMG_6066Burger & Lobster


Price: ££

Ambience: 4/10

Yum Factor: Lobster – OFF THE SCALE!

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