20140705: Copenhagen; Denmark [Day 4]

Day 4. The Travelling Pixie in Copenhagen.

Antique Market.

Open on Saturdays and Sundays, the antique market is located in an open area behind the Christiansborg Palace.  Stalls sell various goods ranging from cutlery, ceramics, musical instruments to vintage cameras.  I got a vintage camera with one lens and a leather case for DKK300 (approx £33) – GREAT DEAL!

Lunch @ Kanal Kafeen. 

We were recommended by one of the stall owners in the antique market to have lunch at Kanal Kafeen as it was one of the most popular places with the locals.  With the help from the couple from our neighbouring table, we ordered the warm marinated herring, and the smoked leg of lamb w/ scrambled eggs.  The food was BRILLIANT and I would highly recommend it to tourists who are looking for a twist to the traditional Danish cuisine. The lunch was in total DKK 245 for two persons which is a fair price!

14:00 Free Walking Tour.

Our Free Walking Tour was led by Daniel, an Australian who had settled in Copenhagen a few years back.  The tour around Copenhagen lasted for 3 hours, it was a brilliant tour with Daniel explaining the history of the city to us and occasionally cracking some jokes.  I loved his tour style, it was lively and attention-grabbing!  The tour started at the Town Hall and ended at the Marble Church.  It was a wonderful 3 hours, full of history and beautiful scenery.  As the walking tour is ‘free’ the tour-guide is unpaid, hence it is customary to pay him a gratuity amount for the tour.

Little Mermaid.

The Free Walking Tour ended approximately 10 minutes away from the Little Mermaid, hence we went there for some photos.  The Little Mermaid was rather tiny (as the name implies), and it was pretty crowded where tourists are flooding in, trying to snap a photo next to the Little Mermaid.  In the end, we managed to get a photo of the Little Mermaid from afar.

Tivoli Amusement Park.

We activated our 48-hour Copenhagen Card when we entered the Tivoli Amusement Park at 18:00 (DKK468).  It is the world’s second oldest amusement park (the oldest being in Bakken, also in Denmark).  The Copenhagen Card allows us to enter the park without having to pay the entrance fee for the park, however, to go on the rides, we could either pay DKK 199 for all the rides, or purchase tickets (DKK 25 / ticket, and the price of the rides range from 1 to 3 tickets per ride).  Hence we got the DKK 199 all-rounded tickets and went on multiple rides.  Tivoli is open until 23:00 on Saturday.

Antique Market



Lunch @ Kanal Kafeen



Christiansborg Palace


Stop Dog Racism Campaign in Copenhagen.


Nytorv (New Harbour)


Random Garden near the Little Mermaid





Fountain near the Little Mermaid




Wanderlusting in Copenhagen.



Tivoli Amusement Park.20140723-160758-58078895.jpg




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