20140702: Denmark [Day 1]

Day 1. The Travelling Pixie in Denmark.

Flight to Copenhagen.

EZY3091 London Stansted > Copenhagen. Departure: 07:00   Arrival: 09:40


DSB Train to Odense.

We took the 11:30 train to from Copenhagen Airport Station to Odense and arrived at 13:00.  It was 82Euros for 2 single tickets, and a rather pleasant train ride.  The DSB is quite new and quiet, the seats are spacious and comfy, and I managed to have a brilliant 1 and a half hours nap.


Hotel in Odense: Radisson Blu H.C. Andersen hotel

We booked this hotel online on lastminute.com and got a pretty good deal for this 4-star hotel.  It was less than £100/night for a standard double room.  Albeit a standard room, the room was very spacious, with a three-seater sofa, a coffee table, writing desk and chair and an armchair in addition to the standard double bed. The generous bathroom was brightly lit with a huge mirror, perfect for the ladies to get ready for their vacation.


Odense: The Birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen.

Being the birthplace of the ‘father of fairytales’, Odense’s tourism largely revolves around H.C.Andersen and his fairytales.  Fairytale themed tours, attractions and souvenirs could be seen in every street and alley, even the colours of their houses are vibrant and lively, it was like living in a fairytale itself.

Fairytale-themed souvenirs.




Radisson Blue H. C. Andersen Hotel.



Living in a Fairytale City.






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