Papabubble – Caramels Artesans

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Papabubble – Caramels Artesans

Back in Hong Kong for this semester, my mum has had more time to introduce me to her new ‘findings’ in Hong Kong.  One of these new discoveries that has me hooked is the newly discovered Papabubble confectionery store at the edge of Causeway Bay / Tai Hang.

The other day, my mum took out a packet of candies from her purse and asked me to try a piece of candy from Papabubble.  I’ve always been quite skeptical about candy that looks gorgeous because they might taste a bit.. ugh.  So when I first saw Papabubble candies, I thought they would be one of these “eye-candies” too.  But then my mum recommended it enthusiastically to me, so I should at least taste one piece.  I picked the ‘lime rock’ because in my opinion, lime candies rarely go wrong, plus they’re my favourite flavour!

Lest did I know, once I put one in my mouth, I began to put the third, fourth fifth ones in as well!  They tasted so good! I ate one after the other, and before I knew it, I’ve already had 8 candies!  I stopped right when I realised cuz it did feel a bit overboard!

Well ever since I tried Papabubble candies, I would go with my mum every other weekend to stock up in their store in Tai Hang.  I have to say, their retail space is impressive!  As I entered the store, I was enveloped in a theatrical experience, the lights were dimmed with spotlights on the walls where the packets of candy hung on the walls.  It was a mysterious Candyland in there!  Candies of various shades of colours and patterns packaged in glass jars all contributed to the visual sensational experience, it was simply ecstatic!

I excitedly walked up to the “Candy Wall” to pick my choice of candies.  Apart from Lime Rock, I also picked the Citrus Mix in a glass jar packaging (which also included lime rocks!), Passion Fruit and Kiwi flavours in the normal packaging on my first visit – I just can’t wait to try them all! So far, I haven’t tried the kiwi yet, but the passion fruit flavour is my new favourite now!!  It’s such a shame that they don’t do Passion Fruit in a glass jar, I’d get 5 jars at once! – Well maybe not all at once, because the candies do melt a little in the hot and humid weather of Hong Kong, do try to finish the candies as soon as possible after opened!

The second time I went to the store to stock up, we unintentionally barged into a little girl’s private birthday party! – Sorry we didn’t mean to!  But now I know that they also do private parties in their small retail space – probably an idea for parents to go for an alternative birthday party experience for your kids!  If you don’t have kids yet, nor want a party in a confectionery store, don’t worry!  Papabubble also does customised candies that you could give to your loved ones as gifts!  I’m not too sure about what customisations they do as I haven’t ordered them before, but do let me know if you’ve tried it! :D



34 Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Price: £££

Ambience: 9/10

Yum Factor: 8/10

Order your customised Papabubble candy here:


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