My Love for Postcards

IMG_6980The Travelling Pixie around the World

My Love for Postcards.

When I was young I’ve never understood the purpose of postcards – to me, they were simply cut out pieces of card with a photo and 2 lines.

As I grew older, it soon left my mind completely that postcards even existed.  I’d travel to someplace, snap a few photos (because snapping photos of landmarks was more of a ritual – most of the time you won’t even go back to the photos) and then go home.

But this passion for postcards was ignited when I received my first postcard while I was in university.  I would never forget the warmth in my heart when I saw the postcard sent all the way from Seoul.

Soon after, I was always asking for friends’ addresses – in both London and Hong Kong, hoping that on my next vacation, I could find some beautiful postcards to send to the ones I love.

Not only do I love the beautiful images printed on the postcard, which are probably severely photoshopped, but actually writing something down with pen and ink to a friend – how old fashioned of me, yet romantic!  Also, not to mention the stamps that go on the postcard gives it a certain sense of ‘proof’ that the postcard flew on a plane to get to the destined address carefully inscribed on it.

Receiving postcards are also one of the most heart warming moments of my day.  Reading through heartfelt messages from friends and loved ones, knowing that they wrote you a postcard despite having very tightly packed sightseeing schedules simply means that they thought of you even during their fun-filled trip.

Since then, I’ve developed a habit of sending postcards to my extensive list of friends’ addresses on my phone (probably 20!), which I am sure to bring with me wherever I travel to next.  Not to mention as well as sending myself a postcard – as a memoir.

I love receiving postcards, so the next time you travel, it’d be wonderful if you could ask me for my address and send me a love-filled postcard! <3

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