Shine on Stage IV Dance Performance

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Shine on Stage IV Dance Performance

Shine on Stage IV held in 29 August 2013, is an annual dance performance presented by Ones to Watch Dance Company located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.  Students of the studio are invited to join this annual event, dancing with their friends and tutor on stage.

I signed up without hesitation for two pieces, JazzFunk Hiphop and Jazz with Valerie, my dance tutor :)

When rehearsals first started, I barely knew anyone else in the class, but after 2 months of hardcore rehearsals, we’re finally ready for the stage!  Adrenaline was pumping through my body the night before the big day, I was too excited to fall asleep, but I knew had to be at the venue at 11am the next day.  Finally I had become too tired and fell asleep at 4am.

When I woke up, i double checked that I have all my costumes and makeup ready, and raced out of the house feeling more alive than ever.  The journey to the venue took approximately 1 hr and 15 mins, quite far if you ask me, but I finally got there, a tad early too.  We had loads of last minute rehearsals, everyone was really anxious and it was simply hectic inside the changing rooms.  I must applaud the make up artists and hair stylists for doing all the makeup and hair for 400 students, ohmygawd!


JazzFunk HipHop

Before we knew it, it was half an hour to the show and the audience were starting to arrive.  I felt the adrenaline pumping fiercely into my veins and running through my body, I just couldn’t wait for the show to start!  I was listening to the music of the other performances and dancing to it backstage, anxious for my turn.

FINALLY!  We were standing-by, waiting for the music to come on and to go on stage, I just couldn’t wait any longer!  The music finally came on and we all ran up stage to our positions and I danced my heart out with the music.  The piece was approximately 3 minutes and it had been the best 3 minutes I had in my life!  So full of life, so full of energy!  I ran off stage to prepare for my next piece, I had 2 minutes to tug off my boots and strip off my leggings, while at the same time fitting on my skirt and dance slippers for the next performance.  I barely made it!  Just 10 seconds before the entrance to the jazz/contemporary performance I zipped up my skirt, took a deep breath and started walking up the steps.  This piece required more control and energy for me, I used up everything I had left.  At the end of the piece, I was so out of breath that all I wish to do was to collapse on a bed.

Our Jazz/Contemporary piece was the finale of the whole performance, the ending was beautiful with Fix You – Coldplay, and when I looked around me, all the dancers were Shining on Stage. x





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