20140803: Teddy Bear Workshop

The Travelling Pixie in Hong Kong

Teddy Bear Workshop

I’ve been nagging my mum for ages about wanting to join a teddy bear workshop together, so two weeks ago when my mum asked if I would like to accompany her to a teddy bear workshop I couldn’t help but scream OH YEAH!

3 hours is definitely NOT enough to finish this teddy!  Prior to our arrival, the teddy’s head, torso and 3 of its limbs have already been stuffed with wool, so our task was to stuff its last arm, its two ears, sew its button-eyes on and sew its head and limbs to the torso.  I highly doubt that we could even finish a teddy within a day if we had to start from scratch.  After 3 hours, my teddy’s legs were still not attached.. Poor teddy!  I’m gonna sew the rest of him up (yup I’ve just decided that my teddy’s my little boy!) tomorrow at home if I manage to get all the tools I need.

The workshop leader was a famous teddy-bear craftsman from Taiwan (whom I never had the chance to ask her for her name – we’ve all been calling her ‘teacher’ for the past 3 hours, a Chinese courtesy.)  Her needlework was so quick and ‘fluent’ that you’d almost believe that making a teddy bear would be an easy task.  Well until you start doing it yourself that is.  Despite the seemingly endless hours of squinting my eyes and accidentally poking myself with a needle, I had absolutely the best time of my life that involves a needle, thread and buttons.

At the end of the workshop, my mum and I simply lost the control over our impulse to shop and our love for handicrafts and bought 7 more DIY teddy bear kits (big uh-oh for dad!)  Hopefully, we would be able to show our own teddy bear collection soon :)


20140804-005720-3440180.jpg                 20140804-022525-8725174.jpg

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